Friday, March 27, 2009

What have I been doing??

I have no idea! :)

-I made this layout...
That fabulous trim was from a garage sale! The eyelet and the pink! Hard to see, but there is a tulle layer in the flower... I love my butterfly punches! And hat pins... on a kick! And these THICKERS! I am about to run out! AHHHHH!!!! :) I used the fiskars edge punch on My Mind's Eye Journaling paper (new release at the store.)

-Had a root canal... :(

-Went swimming with Alicia at "The Lodge"...
I only have this picture of Brady,
and blurry others.
Because there was an accident with my everyday lens, (broke in 3 peices kinda accident. :( )
And all I have left is my 75-300 zoom. Seriously. I have been saving for the 50mm f1.4... but I am going to have to settle for the 50mm f1.8 so I can have a reasonable lens in the meantime!

I also think I am going to save for this camera. Can you BELIEVE? The sensor of the 50D and the video (almost) of the Mark? At hundreds LESS than the 50D? Ahem. I can HARDLY stand it! LOL! Thanks a LOT Candi, for pointed this out to me!!! :)

There must be more??

Maybe not! :)

But I have the scrap bug!

Hopefully even today I will create some more. :)


meganklauer said...

Adorable layout and great yardsale find! Those are the best!
So sorry to hear about your lens! Yikes! I do have any extra kit lens if you're in need of using one in the meantime.
So interesting about the new camera. I think I just had my hubby convinced that I NEED the
50d and now, hmmmmm. :0)

Candi Ladwig said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!! And I have to admit... I wish I would have kept that letter set! :) Very Cute!