Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad blogger!

Is it HOT or WHAT??

This last week, we celebrated "Uncle" George's life... he left this life last week. He was Jerry's (my FIL) cousin and best friend. George was also married to Jerry's sister in-law (so he was also his brother in-law? It gets even more confusing, their family-I'll leave it at that!)
There was a memorial get together at West Lake yesterday... MAN was it hot!!

It is so hard when someone that's loved leaves us! It was apparent how much he was loved! There was laughing, crying, and support... One of his grandchildren even got tattooed in his honor. Ouch! :)
You'll be missed "Uncle" George!
Gavin is at Cub Scout Camp this week! I pray he doesn't melt!! Is he cute or WHAT??
We will be visiting the DeWitt Pool VERY regularly!! Thanks Grandpa Don for THAT glorious present (pool passes for the season!)
I got to see Candi this weekend-and Kim, Candi, Alisa and I cropped!

Just a little sneaky peeky at my blog challenge LO for July! Can you guess what it will be?? :)
Something I did for Pink Sketches and using the new My Mind's Eye available at Scrapaganza!
And one using the new Prima flowers also at Scrapaganza... with Jenni Bowlin (also at Scrapaganza!) and Crate Paper (die cut sheet) from my Studio Calico kit. :)
I am feeling more and more like scrapbooking again!
I might even enter somethings at the state fair... we'll see. :)

Oh, and I wanted to post this...
Gabriel and I went walking one evening, and he insisted on picking flowers for me. I let him. What a treasure!
Hope everyone is doing well!!
Stay cool! (UCK it is TOO hot!!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TSM and Father's Day

Go check out Megan's post to The Story Matters!

GREAT tutorial about fathers day cards! Great techniques Megan! LOVE the pictures!
And she has me thinking about this Xyron Design Runner!
Anyone have one (besides Megan) that wants to share what they think??

Here is a "you tube" that Megan sent me on request!
In-ter-est-ing! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Make Art...

...each day!

OK, I wish I was making SCRAPBOOKING art each day, but I will settle on AT ALL! :)

I LOVE this months club! Kit B was therapy in a kit!
Watercolors and Prima Paintables. I know they have been out for while, but with the materials that were in the kit, I had a great time making this:

Glimmer mist, Stencil, Prima Transparency, cardboard, paints, tulle, dictionary paper flowers, cool letters, rhinestones... THIS was fun to create!

And then I got my Studio Calico kit... I liked the ad/postcard included in my kit so much, I added it to my layout!

Let's just hope I can keep the creativity coming!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lake Geneva-in Photos! :)

In a nutshell.... :)

Chalk drawings, Downtown (no pictures of that trip???), beach, food (better wear your helmet while you eat around here!), Chocolate Fest (Rides, cowboys, pudding...), beach , love, wine (EEK!), Renaissance Fair, boat races, parks, baby ducks, parade, flags, beach, bike trails, FUN!!!

(SORRY, it's a LONG one!)

And NO editing! I have NO time for that!! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



NEW Fonts, Fonts in several colors... THICKERS, THICKERS, THICKERS!

Get them before they are GONE!!!



UPDATE: COMMENT ON THE SCRAPAGANZA BLOG (Thickers entry), and you can WIN a Thickers package of choice!!!

YES, we ARE enablers! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

You KNOW you are a Thickers addict when...

-You get in the car and RACE to Big Lots when you read they have them for $2 a pack. (OK, that was Mindy, but I did just happen to stop by one day when I was "in the area". :)
-You buy a new pack the MOMENT you run out of a letter on the sheet!!
-You have each font in each color. (Extras in black. And green. :) )
-You totally advertise you have an addiction issue with Thickers. (If you do, STAND PROUD!)
-You work at a scrapbooking store and THEY can't keep up with your addiction!
-You go to a crop, and you take a parred down version of your things, BUT you bring ALL your Thickers-HOW are you to know what color, material or font you'll want??? :)
-You consider having a bin JUST for your Thickers, and another for those "other" stickers.
-You finally are brave enough to count your stash and the number is...


(In my own defense-I have been buying and using Thickers for over 2 years, get them given to me on occasion from my design teams, get them sometimes in my monthly kit from SC, and if I can get them for .75 cents at the garage sale only missing 3 letters-of COURSE I get those... This is my story and I am sticking to it (Sad story, huh?)!!)
Seriously... is there a pill I can take!

Go ahead, count them... If you have less than me, you'll feel good about it (Honey, SHE has more than ME!). If you have more you'll feel good about that too! :)

I am looking at my 1112 pictures I have taken in the last 2 weeks, and I am feeling some creative juice flowing... get back to you on that! :)