Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Something funny in the mean time!

HOW has it been so long since I posted???
But until I can get a chance to post the highlights of the last month...
...a little light entertainment! (click the link below)

Three Little Elves!

Friday, November 2, 2007

My class! YAY!

My first class, independent of "club"-and the first of two dates
and the other one has just a few spaces left!
If you want something fun
and productive to do {after you go shopping}
the day after Thanksgiving (4pm-6pm),
come make these layouts with ME! :)
All three for $15 at Scrapaganza!!!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dressing up and more dressing up!!

We have had a FUN week! It started with "Dress like a book character" day at school (Halloween alternative)! TOO fun! Then there was "Boo at the Zoo". They decided not to wear their Halloween costumes, but instead grabbed costumes from the dress-up bin! Too funny!
We also went to "Scarecrow Shenanigans" at the family museum (forgot the camera that day!!) and they decorated cookies, ate popcorn, rode the hay-rack ride, and ran around playing in the museum-they had a little bit of a haunted area. Cora did NOT like that part!
Then there was trick or treating... I got some WONDERFUL pictures. Too bad someone stole my camera out of my car that night. Ugh. So here are a couple from our good friend Alicia, who ironically had blurry pictures that night. {sigh} I will have to get the kids into costume one more time for another group shot in their actual Halloween garb!


The spendor of fall!

This is our third annual photo shoot at Scott County park... here are the pictures I took- raw, no software added-what you see is what you get. But I think they came out great!!

In addition are a few tree shots from across the road. These trees always put on quite a show each year!

Thanks for looking!

Great Grandma visits!

Grandpa Jerry's Mom, Mona, came for a long visit this last month! The kids got a chance to see her, and I am sure they were very entertaining! I am sure there is a story or two that she will go home with. :)
We'll miss you Grandma Mona! I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Now if we could only keep Grandpa Jerry lookin' at the camera!

And ya think kids are hard to photograph!!

It is always great to have family visit from out of town!

You'll be missed!

I am bummed I missed the going away dinner-there were like 23 crazy Smith's (or relatives of) at Azteca!! YIKES!
Hope you tipped well! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gavin's class leads Chapel

I just can't tell ya just how very much I love our school!
It has heart. I just does.
God is present there, and we are very blessed.
Gavin's class did a little skit, and collected the offering.
Gavin did great at his parts, a grasshopper and
he "made it snow". :)
Just sweet!

Happy Birthday Cora!!

We just had a little get together at our friends home, and then at Grandma Sue's house.
I just can't believe you are five Cora! I want to say that you have grown so much... you have grown, but your still our little peanut!
I think Cora had a great time with family and friends!
Thanks Grandma Dinah, and Grandpa Don, too, for those awesome presents you sent!
And to Aunt Jill too!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pump It Up

I mentioned our visit my last post, and wanted to share these fun pic's!
The kids had a BLAST! Gavin has a couple days off because the teachers have a conference, so we took advantage of Pump It Up's "free jump" time for 2-6 year olds! BOY, did they have fun!! ANd so did I! It was the BEST work out! I went on it all! We all had such a fun time playing! Our friend Jack Ellison was with us too!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Has it been a month?? Welll I better give some highlights!!
We had a pre-school field trip To Effie's Flower Farm... they made apple cider and got to taste it... the kids got to pet a chicken and a duck, they had homemade cookies, and they all got a fresh cut flower! The kids had fun making the cider and of course eating cookies! What a cute pack of 4 year olds!

The kids, Jerry and I went to my Dads house... the kids always enjoy a visit to Grandpa Don's and Grandma Dinah's!! I am not sure who likes the Mac -n- Cheese more, Gavin, or Grandpa!!

We went to Pump It Up today! It just opened in Eldridge, and they have a free jump time from 10am-11:30am for 2-6 year olds. The kids had a BLAST, and I will admit it, I did too!! BOY was I tired! LOL!

We are so busy at the store (Scrapaganza) New classes, new projects, and some EXCITING announcements coming soon! If I wasn't sworn to secrecy, I would blab!! LOL!

I'll try my darnedest to update sooner!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And again-COOL!

The layout that was picked for the catwalk on SIS-well I did that layout for Kitty Foster's
challenge "Press On". And my layout won a prize! Lucky Kitty has Aaron Keyes as her pastor,
worship leader, and I won his CD! :)
Check out all the wonderful layouts that won! Double cool!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hey! Cool!

I love Scrap In Style TV... it is just easy for me to use, and so much easier than so many of the message boards that are pretty cookie cutter... I can find ideas and people easily on their site.

Well, each week, the "Fashionista's" form Scrap in Style pick their favorite layout downloaded to the site each week... they come out on Tuesdays. ANYWAY, one of the fashionista's picked one of my layouts! How cool do I feel! Hee, hee! Well anyway, it was a fun find!
Here is the address to that page-keep in mind, next Tuesday, there will be all new picks. :)

(It's the Psalm 62:2 layout below shown in my slide shows below)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to School

OK, so I am a little behind... but better late than never!!
Here are some highlights of Gavin and Gabriel's first day of school!
Cora starts tomorrow with the AEA's program at Neil Armstrong.
The boys are at Heritage Christian School in Park View.
We LOVE Heritage!

And some more...

...just couple! I am having fun lately with all the new papers and products! It is so fun working at a scrapbooking store! I get to see the latest product, and show it to so many of our regulars!

As far as the weekend goes, I worked all weekend, but Jerry and I got to see his sister Jill while she was here visiting for her Birthday. He also got to go on his parents boat on Sunday while I worked. :(
Today Jerry went to work most of the day, so it really didn't feel like a holiday at all! I got some great photos today that I want to scrap NOW!! (Gavin reading and Jerry reading to Cora, and Gabe being grumpy :) )>
We'll see! I have so many projects due, I might just get to use them! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some of my stuff...

I have some things "pending" consideration for publications, so I can't post those :(

I'm SO Exited!!!

And I have to HIDE it! LOL!

OK, so let's be honest, we don't stop enough to be grateful.
Even when we have a bad day.
It's easier to complain sometimes I think!
How unfortunate!
I am crazy busy!
I have three kids with three schedules,
soccer starting for two of them,
and possibly piano lessons
(if I can find a cheap piano or keyboard so taking piano lessons makes sense!!)
and more scrapbooking projects than I can keep track of!
It is so neat to stop and ponder how wonderful busy is!
I mean really!
Things could be so much worse! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A few of my favorite things!

And here we go...

....I have no idea what I am doing!
But if your anybody, you have a blog. Am I anybody?
Who knows. But maybe, just maybe, someone will want to read this thing.
And if you laugh a bit, smile, or find something to scraplift, it was worth
trying to figure this thing out!
Hold on world, here I come!!