Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some creations already!

I promise this post... NO house stuff! :)

Just a simple something I did with the Creative Imaginations snowflake, which I created with the current Pink Sketch. :) YES, that is a 3d stickers... what has the world come to. :)

And here is a LO I did using my FAVORITE product, Sassafrass Lass! I have another one on my table!! Can't get enough of this eclectic goodness!!And one more using Basic Grey. Yes Basic Grey! I haven't used Basic Grey for awhile. It was time. I have some other creation in mind with some of the new product we have just gotten in at the store! YUM!! These colors are even richer in person...Tip: For all those yummy butterflies out there... Amy Butler, these-cut from a sheet of cardstock by Basic Grey, punched... You all probably know about folding them for dimension (and putting adhesive only under their bodies)... but another little tip-hid a piece of a foam dot or circle under the wings, so even when the pages are against them, they won't just flatten right back fdown on the paper. :)

And something fun! (Hard to read, but it says: "The Recipe for Penny")

The Recipe For Penny

3 parts Craftiness
2 parts Nonconformity
1 part Aspiration
Splash of Pizzazz
Sip slowly on the beach

That's it for today!
Be Blessed!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another week in the life!

Well, it's lookin' good!

They put in the front stairs and finished the sidewalk by the street...I agonized over the stupid front lights......and you really can't see them anyway from afar. :)But I think it all looks pretty good! Except they put up the wrong shutters. I wanted raised panel. They are going to replace them soon. :)

They put on the back lights too... of all the things I have had to do, picking lights for some reason has been harder for me than I would have thought. The kitchen and floors were easier! Seriously!

Here is a closer picture of the back.They graded the yard all around. Looks great!

And I still LOVE my red door! :)They applied the mud to the drywall, sanded, applied the ceiling texture, and painted it all this week... I don't have pictures of the walls all pretty painted white... which of course will all be painted again in various colors!All the trim will be white. :) I love that!

Monday, hard floors will be installed... week after Thanksgiving kitchen cabinets are scheduled to be delivered and installed! WOW!

OK, in other news...

We went to the discover center in Clinton! We really had a great time! My battery went dead before I could take pictures of our Kapla block creations, but I can tell you, they were awesome! :)We SO want a set of these! Jerry and I were building for almost two hours!
I like that the center is all one big room, so the kids can go play, and you can see them!
LOVE the bubble station where they tried to get it so they were inside a bubble! The Rescue dogs had just done a presentation when we got there.The blower tube wall was VERY fun too!!! Ya put your puff ball or scarf in one tube, and it goes through the tubes and shots out! Levers can change the course too.And then there was Dr. Gavin! :)Gabriel REALLY loved these "stilts"... he went back and forth a couple times! I think he liked being tall(er)!Two thumbs up for the Clinton Discovery Center! PLUS the gas was $1.79 to boot, in Clinton! :)

It was a fun time!

Tomorrow we are off to the Festival of Trees Parade, then Sunday, since I have to work tomorrow after the parade, we will go the Festival itself. :)

Have a great weekend!
Be Blessed!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Never keeping up! LOL!

The house is plugging along. Not as exciting as the frame going up in days, but still, exciting!
We are SO anxious to move in! It feels SO good, just to see it. I visit twice a day, at drop off and at pick up. I have nothing to pick out but lights, and I have, just need to write it out.

It feels like the right thing.
We are not rich people. Barely comfortable, but grateful. :)

It's getting there! The sider is torturing me, leaving the bit in the front for last! It has been him and one or two people when the weather is nice enough... it has taken longer than I thought it would.Walls! (not mudded, yet, but walls!!) :) Down our street... we're on the end straight ahead. I might be hating the headlight at night, but only our office will really be affected. Thank you for all the emails, and comments, and inquiries at the store about our progress! Who knew scrapbooking could lead to so much wonderfulness! :)

Anyone else shocked by the snow last week? I don't think I am ready... but it was a bit exilerating too. :)Here are a few things I have been working on...
I REALLY want to post a layout I did featuring my DS, but since it is up for consideration as a submission to Memory Makers, I can't post it. MM is strict about their "never seen" rule. Bummer. It is up at the store, using the Sassafrass Lass Hedgehog paper. TOO cute-actually "Dang Cute" is the title! Come in to see it! :)
We have that line and "Fawnd of you" too... LOVE Sassafrass!! There a couple of lines that have some weird stuff in 'em-but I can do weird! :) I just LOVE their usable borders! GREAT idea!
And the quirky colors... yum!!

Inspired by a layout I saw on their blog, here is my version! Love me some Sassafrass Lass!
This is The Story Matters AND Scrapaganza's blog example. :) Doublin' up baby! Here is a mini-book (yes, I said mini-book) that I did... don't fall over Candi!!
I LOVE the My Mind's Eye papers for winter... I just love the palatte and the bird and the circular cage... So I did this mini using it. :)You can get this "Peace" book at Scrapaganza... it is Kasier so it was CHEAP! :) Yet wood! Crazy!
If you are the one that gets this for Christmas, act surprised, K? :)

Here is a layout I did for Pink Sketches : LOVE me some sketches! I would still be stuck in a rut without them!! I have this in my Craft Locker Scrap bag... ...love that bag! I got it at Ben Franklin on clearance more than a year ago, and every time I take it anywhere, people ask where I got it. :) You can display one layout in the bag, and it is basically protected. I hadn't put a new one in for some time! You might be able to find them on Ebay... :) OK, just checked-yep, Ebay!

OK, big news!! Gabriel is in Kindergarten right? Well, he watches his brother read. Wants to... working hard at seeing words and sounding them out... reads many right. We work on his phonics letters all the time... Well we got out these simple sound books... not just two word sentences, but 4-6 word sentences! Just to see-they were basic, and we could help him... uhhhh.... no. He just sat down with me and said "I can do this Mom". And he did. Read all 6 books! LITTLE help! Not kidding! Not being that crazy mom that exaggerates! Promise!! I went in with him at school, and we talked to his "sweetest teacher ever" Mrs. Claussen. He's going to read and share is books as a center in center time! YAY!

He was BEAMING with pride! I was amazed... it was amazing! The picture below is last week... proving his intense interest... :) He WANTED to read! I'm tellin' ya-what they say about putting your mind to something! We're SO proud! :) Last night with one of the books right after his awesome feat! :)
Gavin really has a heart for the Lord. For this I am grateful. He just beleives. If you talk of someone that doesn't beleive, he says. "I will have a talk with them, and just tell them, you need to read the Bible." OK then. Duh! :)
I got him a new "boy" bible, that was on sale at the Family Christian Bookstore. He decided to write, starting with Genesis 1:1... He got quite a bit done! :) Sweet boy!I have NO regrets that my children go to Heritage Christian School... where this is fostered, not smoldered. Amen. :) (You can see some pic.s of my cuties on their site. :) )

So many scrap worthy moments!!

Speaking of our many blessings-Dr. Jackson was here a few weeks ago... if you EVER want to see an awesome speaker... he's incredible. If you believe, but struggle with the evolution issue, see him. Incredible. Seriously. If he comes to the area again, I will post it. WOW! :)
Visit his site here: Points of Origins Maybe I mentioned this before... but it still sticks with me.

OK, enough for today!!

Be Blessed! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who lives behind that red door??

No one... just yet!! :)
Siding is almost up!! I painted the front door. Glossy RED!LOVE it!!
The drywall is almost done (can you believe, no picture??) and it is all falling into place... waiting for them to come and do the front steps... and finish the sidewalk... and of course there are the floors and cabinets, and finish plumbing and lighting... but it is getting there! :)

I took SO many pictures of my children at Scott County Park on Monday after school! It was BEAUTIFUL outside! Just wonderful! They even got their feet in the stream! NEVER was it worm enough the three years prior to do such a thing! And then I got home with my pictures from the weekend and this photo shoot... and WHAM!!! Bad card. Everything is lost! NO pictures of my weekend in Des Moines teaching... NO pictures from Scott County Park.... NOTHING! All gone. {sigh} I took a couple of shots with my old point and shoot Sony... thank God.
This was taken using my NEW CF card! :)
It reminded me just what pictures mean to me, and how when it happens, it is sad, but I have to let it go. Darn it.

Here is a slide show of the last two weeks... food drive "Can-struction" contest, pumpkin patches, trick or treating, playing across the street on bikes in the unexpected warm weather and SO much fun!!

And also-last weeks sketch LO... and now if I could just find this weeks LO!! {sigh again}. :)
Very "Candi-like" huh? :) For those that check to see if I actually update, thank you!

In preparation of my home being finished, I have been vinyl shopping. Looking for some things new and different. I added a few wonderful choices to my side bar in the vinyl grouping.

I have a 3-4 quotes I am going to order, some flying birds from Elly Nelly, and maybe one of those stellar designs from that European company!!

Oh, and my pictures from early voting (and a freakin' wonderful flag picture I took, darn it!!) lost too...

For those of us that supported the conservative candidate (and those that went for a more liberal vote)... it is time to pray for our new leader. Whether you voted for him or not. His load is heavy. Hopefully the values that many Americans cherish will be withheld... but if that isn't enough, scripture to consider:

Romans 13:1-2 - Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves.

Food for thought.

Here is a little sneak peek for Chris and Heather... and Aunt Kelly. :) Just started playing with my photos tonight, that I took today. :)
Be blessed!!