Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby J.

Honestly, as I make the decision to take photos as more than a hobby, but for others too, I admit it... I leave a session on cloud nine. I ENJOY it! Immensely!
I take the pictures I wish I could have afforded or knew to take even 6 years ago when I had my last baby... I have the starts of the eye I think I am developing now-but I wish I knew what I do now... (Or that digital was affordable the same way it is now.)

What I can do now is offer photography services to everyone...
At this point, I need a few more examples, so I am making some deals. :)

I will officailly launch my photography blog SOON-and photo sessions like this will be posted there-but in the meantime, you all get to see some of Baby J!

There will be more, but I am tired-this is what I got done tonight.

Just a note... I love to get in there and use natural light, and really capture the essence and the moment... I was surprised just how much I DIDN'T have to crop... I did change some to black and white, and played with a couple affects.

ANYWAY, mom and visitors alike: Enjoy!
(and email me at pennyscrapbooks@aol.com for a booking! :)
Babies, children, seniors, couples, families... I'm game. I use natural light, and prefer outdoors (for babies/children old enough.)

Thanks for lookin'!

My favorite so far: (VERY little editing-no cropping!)
Some more: (click on the slide below for a larger look.)

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meganklauerphotography said...

So adorable! Love the nose to nose one and all the wrinkley little skin. Great job!