Sunday, May 31, 2009

A week away...

I got away...
I went on a little trip...
In the last week I took 1000 pictures...
So I have stuff to share, but dang it if I have sat down long enough to go through my pictures! :)
And I am DYING to scrapbook!!
And I have things due...
So I better get to it..

Wait for it...


And even though I mentioned it on the Scrapaganza Blog, I forgot to document it here...
I am in this months Scrapbook Trends-"Fast and Fabulous"!
And Tina Halsey, who I work with at Scrapaganza, was in Memory Makers!
YAY Tina!
...Back soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For My Friend Kelly...

I did a shoot for Kelly... many of you that visit know Kelly. She is an owner of Scrapaganza. To me, she is a friend first and foremost. We have know each other for 30 years now. :)

Here are the highlights of her session (Grandma was in town...)

I don't usually put the same pictures with different affects side by side, but since this is for my technically challenged friend... :)

And everyone else... hope you enjoy it too!
I got lots of the kids, because the chance of getting them in front of my camera again anytime soon... slim to none. :)
(Click slide show to see photos larger.)
ONE of these days I will get my Photography blog finished! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Megan Klauer ROCKS Sassafrass! (AGAIN!)

OK, you know they like you when they put a layout up TWICE, AND all your other layouts to boot!

CONGRATS Megan! You rock MY favorite paper-Sassafrass Lass! :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, I left on Friday morning (cough) OK, it was just after noon... and to think we were suppose to leave at 10am! LOL!
We decided we would leave on Thursday night next year. :)

BOY did we LAUGHED!!!
WOW what a great time!!
(just so ya know-these are coming straight from my camera! I have too much to do to edit!)

So... it started with packing the SUV... (Thanks Angie!)
On the way up we stopped at The Goose Barn in Rockford.
It was this totally cute barn filled with stamps and some scrapbooking supplies:
It was totally adorable... there was even a barn cat!
And ants. (yes, that is an ant by the ant stamp. I made him pose. No one is safe from my camera) :)
When we got there, we went for $5 appetizers during happy hour!
The laugh attacks started here...

Then we went to the house to set up...
One LONG Ikea table, then another table at it's end, then ANOTHER one end to end to that!
I got 4 pages done all weekend. :)
In my defense... we DID go into Lake Geneva for 6 hours on Saturday. Breakfast then window shopping. :) And more laughing of course.
Went to my favorite store... I could live in this much color. I could. If I win the lottery, I am buying one of everything in this store! :)
Jim Gaffigan is SO worth watching!! If you can get a hold of his show, GET IT!
HOT POCKETS.... that is all I have to say about that. :)

Well Anne, Kelly... your off your thrones. Alicia Ellison is now the funniest person I know! :)
I canNOT believe the expressions I got out of that crazy lady! :)

Did you know Bear Claws are $46 in Lake Geneva! or $4 to 6... same thing. :)

But of all the expressions/gags, THIS is my favorite!!
And this is what was waiting for me when I got home!

Lucky mommy!
AND my husband cleaned the basement and pulled up the sod for landscaping where I asked! Big weekend for me! :)

OK, after all that-my layouts...
The challenge: Use one piece of cardstock and one piece of patterned paper. Any embellishment has to be from the paper. So of COURSE I used Sassafrass Lass. :)
I need to journal still though...
Layout using the Melissa Frances Papers and stickers for Scrapaganza and Pink Sketches.
Gotta love your edge distresser! :)
So yes, I shamelessly stole this picture of Annie... I couldn't find my pictures and only had a few with me, and I just loved this picture of our little friend. :)
And this one... yes, I went home after I took this, printed it off at the house, and scrapped it! :)
This one is a cheater... it was almost done when I got there. :)
Well, that's it! :)

Oh, and I will leave you with this... my pot of gold! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My friend...

...Megan Klauer made it on the Sassafrass Lass Blog!!


Megan is also on The Story Matters for me, AND we are on Pink Sketches together!

She is gonna be a rock star in scrapbooking (already is! but BIG!), that one-mark my words!!

Congrats Megan!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm here!! I'm here!

Sorry! Busy week last week (whose wasn't?)

Sometimes life gets in the way of scrapbooking. Darn it.

BUT I AM going out of town FRIDAY to spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday SCRAPBOOKING!

I am heading up to Lake Geneva with 4 other friends to SCRAPBOOK! (It deserved capital letters twice!)
So I am taking my Sassafrass Lass papers that I have SO been wanting to play with, and "club" for work, and I am going to CREATE darn it!
That is if Alicia doesn't keep trying to tear us away to go play or eat! :)

Darn card makers! (JUST teasing!!)

What have we been up to?? Hmmm...
Gavin and Gabriel went to Jack's birthday Party... can you guess? (Star Wars) :)
Blew some bubbles...
Found some "treasure"...
Wrote an article for the NEW magazine "Christian Paper Crafting"... :) (YAY!)
Walked a LOT!! What I had hoped would happen living in this neighborhood, has! I walk each day with my dog, and most nights we try to walk as a family (with the dogs again)!
Can I just say there is something very cute and funny about watching a chihuahua healing! :) Had ice cream with the neighbors... (Yes, Gabriel is in his PJ's!)
Scrapbooked a LITTLE (Pink Sketches LO)...
Another cute picture of my girlie girl dog. :)
Took silly pictures for my Teacher Appreciation gift to Gavin's 2nd grade teacher...
And just enjoyed the scenery!
And please, keep Megan F. in your prayers... it is so hard to lose someone you love... but your mother. I can't imagine. Having a mother that is in your life day to day and then losing her...
Too hard.

OK... well, I am off!
Gone until Sunday! YAY! Off to Lake Geneva to scrapbook and just enjoy good company!

Be Blessed!