Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Birthday fun, and more goodbyes...

I should be sleeping.
But no... I HAD to post! :)

First-it is that time of month-the first Not Your Ordinary Book Club of the month at Scrapaganza!
I am really diggin' colorful floral papers right now (hint)!
This months club, Kit A is very fun, and kit B, well since there are so many designers, and this kit was intended for this cute colorful box, several of us "mix it up"... So I took the die cut parts of the box and made this:
The "hills" are parts of the box. I know I just scrapped this picture, but sometimes I am just not "done" with a picture! I think Cora will like this for her colorful room! :)
Little blurry... takin' pictures at night again! (and the darn thing wouldn't stop swingin'!)

Then I did this layout. Kit A... Very "Simple Scrapbooks" style, but I like the results. :)
It is inspired by the sketch over at Pink Sketches this week (I am on the design team-we have some great new members-go take a look!)
OK-so last night we had 5 little boys in my house...

Ignore the ladder in the background... I still get some "migrating" numbers at times from my clock... until I am SURE they are staying put, the ladder stays! :) They are made of wood. I should have gotten Vinyl!! :)
ANYWAY, here are the clone warriors!
We started off with some play and watching Star Wars-Clone Wars, then I took them to the Bettendorf Y for an hour of swimming... thought it might tire them out... I was wrong.
But they had a good time anyway! (None of these are edited at ALL... NO TIME! :) )
Until we went to leave... then I got this.
For which I replied "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!" (Dr. Suess)
If I don't stop chanting that, they are all going to need (more) therapy. :)

It has been, overall, an enjoyable week!
When our friend Amy came to our door to see if we wanted to join them all for a walk-it lifted me up! This is one of the simple things I so appreciate, and LOVE living close to friends, and in this neighborhood. :) Thanks Amy! Looking forward to many more walks! :)

Cora coming back from the walk. (Sweet girl)
Gabriel when the walk was over.
(See a trend? :) )

He HATES when things are over! But when I DO chant the above quote, he doesn't want to (he FIGHTS it!) but he smiles (well, most of the time!) :)

And Gavin... he knows that my ULTIMATE punishment is to not let me take a picture. LOL! He's got me.Gavin's birthday is Tuesday... Jerry's is the 24th... It is like Christmas around here in March! I can't afford March!

In other happenings this week... Gabriel-he is just SO proud of things he accomplishs (what kid isn't, I guess). I have to give the little guy credit. (I just had to save this story!)

He asked if could make something Friday night. I was on the computer (imagine that.)
I said that was fine, only if he promised not to make a mess. He said he would come get me in a few minutes. Well, a few minutes later (or longer-this should have been my first clue.) he's CRYING like a crazy man. "Your going to be so mad at me" sobbing.
He leads me into the kitchen.

Now keep in mind, I have a tendency to try to maintain a positive attitude, cuz I don't want my kids to hide things they do from me, cuz they are afraid of my reaction... so some things, like this incident, are not worth getting overly excited about...
(And don't get me wrong-I have my irrational blow out moments too-It ALL has to do with the offense!)
I go in the kitchen, and there it is... egg mess 2009! WOW!
He cracked eggs to make scrambled eggs ON A PLATE... added milk, it was too much, so (logically, I have to say) realizing he had too much milk, what do you do? Add more egg!!

By the time he got me, there were 3 eggs on the plate, and 8 eggs total unaccounted for from the dozen. {sigh}. I reinforced the idea that coming to get me was the right things to do, and for whatever reason I was not mad... (get me on the right/wrong day...)

BUT, I ACTUALLY noticed, in ALL the mess-not one MORSEL of egg shell!! The kid cracked 8 eggs, and not a speck was anywhere! All shells emptied and back in the carton! I showed him how and helped him per his request MONTHS ago-ONE time! Seriously.

Somehow we salvaged what was left on the plate which will now be known as "The Best Eggs EVER!". (Cuz me and Cora said so!)

He insisted on making eggs for his friend today. :) There was more supervision.

I hope to NEVER forget his pride when he accomplishes things at this age... how PROUD he is about the eggs!
I scolding him for something much later, and he reminded me, "But I make the best eggs!". LOL!
Sally's memorial service was today.
How do you look at those boys, just like mine, and not be overcome?
The pastor said it so well. If we didn't know love, we wouldn't grieve. They exist together.
Joy is experienced in contrast to suffering.
Sad as it was, it was a day to celebrate the life she had... and to come home and hug my children... each one in turn... just a little bit longer...

Be Blessed!!


meganklauerphotography said...

Great inspiration and great pics!
Thanks so much for sharing the story of your little guy makin eggs. It is so easy to get upset about "messes" and your story just helps put it into perspective why we should just take it in stride and help them learn. Thank You!

Angela said...

The party looks like fun!! Sorry about your friend...I'm in the store at least every other week...guess I keep missing your shift!!! Do you work a regular night or something, or is it all random?

Candi Ladwig said...

That was a great post! Loved your stories and your pics! I think I need your quote on my wall... for myself :) I think it is something we all need. Can't wait to come visit!

Sophia said...

That's a great post! I was having a little chuckle while reading the Egg Story! But it goes to show how much heart your boy has!!!

I would love to one day, If I ever have the chance to visit USA (your area), to bring my little boy to have a fun time with your kids! That would be a blast!