Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gavin's class leads Chapel

I just can't tell ya just how very much I love our school!
It has heart. I just does.
God is present there, and we are very blessed.
Gavin's class did a little skit, and collected the offering.
Gavin did great at his parts, a grasshopper and
he "made it snow". :)
Just sweet!

Happy Birthday Cora!!

We just had a little get together at our friends home, and then at Grandma Sue's house.
I just can't believe you are five Cora! I want to say that you have grown so much... you have grown, but your still our little peanut!
I think Cora had a great time with family and friends!
Thanks Grandma Dinah, and Grandpa Don, too, for those awesome presents you sent!
And to Aunt Jill too!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pump It Up

I mentioned our visit my last post, and wanted to share these fun pic's!
The kids had a BLAST! Gavin has a couple days off because the teachers have a conference, so we took advantage of Pump It Up's "free jump" time for 2-6 year olds! BOY, did they have fun!! ANd so did I! It was the BEST work out! I went on it all! We all had such a fun time playing! Our friend Jack Ellison was with us too!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Has it been a month?? Welll I better give some highlights!!
We had a pre-school field trip To Effie's Flower Farm... they made apple cider and got to taste it... the kids got to pet a chicken and a duck, they had homemade cookies, and they all got a fresh cut flower! The kids had fun making the cider and of course eating cookies! What a cute pack of 4 year olds!

The kids, Jerry and I went to my Dads house... the kids always enjoy a visit to Grandpa Don's and Grandma Dinah's!! I am not sure who likes the Mac -n- Cheese more, Gavin, or Grandpa!!

We went to Pump It Up today! It just opened in Eldridge, and they have a free jump time from 10am-11:30am for 2-6 year olds. The kids had a BLAST, and I will admit it, I did too!! BOY was I tired! LOL!

We are so busy at the store (Scrapaganza) New classes, new projects, and some EXCITING announcements coming soon! If I wasn't sworn to secrecy, I would blab!! LOL!

I'll try my darnedest to update sooner!!