Friday, November 19, 2010

"Enchanted" some more...

When I went through the aisles of Micheal's the other day with a friend (you might have seen a nifty picture of me with a snowman hat on, on facebook... {snort} ) I came across this jewelry holder, and the idea with "Enchanted" came to me INSTANTLY!

So a couple days later (that is some AWESOME turn around for me girls!)
This is what I came up with!

Got my i-rock out for this one! It REALLY securely adhered the jewels to the edges of these flowers! They're ON there!
There are still chances to win! So go on over to the Imaginisce Blog and Facebook Page and show your love!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Imaginisce is "Enchanted"

This week is the Launch Party at Imaginisce for their new line: "Enchanted".

The previous Princess line was wildly popular-and so this year brings a new line, that coordinates, and offers something for EVERYONE! Lots of patterns to choose from, and enough theme to get those girlie pages DONE! Way too sweet to miss!

So, since I have a girlie girl, I went right for the obvious!
I wanted to use the castle and carriage and make something for Cora to see, not just in an album, but everyday! THIS girl of mine is in love with mirrors! :)

This day, I took her to the empty lot, when it was teaming with seeded out dandelions. Great neighbors, huh? Well, our future lawn issues aside, there is nothing so enchanting than a field full of these whimsical weeds! A had just gotten some tutu's at a garage sale. How is a mom/photographer to resist?

I already have a couple of the pictures from that day framed, and on the wall... time to scrap!
"Enchanted" was PERFECT for these!

Got my i-rock tool out for these...
I really put my foam squares to work on this one! And ya gotta love a crown! These metallic background stickers are VERY popular at the store! Always the first to sell out! This layout, I had some more fun with my i-rock! OK, can I just say, once you start to i-rock, it is REALLY hard to stop!!! I mean it! It is SO easy and fun! Ya start thinking EVERYTHING needs some bling!
I LOVE the die cuts (titles, shapes and borders!) of this line! Mkes it really easy to get some layouts DONE! And these borders... easy peasy cards come to mind too!

And I have been HOARDING I guess, some other lines layouts! I forgot I hadn't shared these!
From Birthday Bash... it feels SO good to get some layouts done from years ago! These pictures-Gavin's 1st birthday... he'll be 10 in March. Ugh. :)

There are banners on the printed paper (red with white lines) I cut banners from the colored banner sheet and popped them up with foam to highlight some of the banners on the printed paper...
Can I just say, Imaginisce makes the BEST rub-ons! I have used some STINKY rub-ons before. Theirs are not! They don't come off too easily, yet aren't a pain to GET off where you want them!

Can you tell I did this layout and the last one at the height of the banner craze? :)
That is another great thing about Imaginisce paper... you might buy a sheet for the "theme" but there are plenty of prints to choose from on the back sides or even the front that can be used for so much more than the theme!

So head over to the Imaginisce blog! They are the MOST generous ever!
You can win just about EVERY week!!
And the inspiration!
Thanks for stoppin' by!

(And can I TELL you how good it feels to CREATE! I have been wanting to hit my Imaginisce stash SO bad! Feels good! More coming SOON!)

AHHH! Almost FORGOT! It's Sneak Peek Day over at The Story Matters!
I say this every month, I know... but December is my NEW favorite kit! SO much in it!
We really tried to "up" the embellishment! I think your gonna love it!
...and day 15 of the 30 days of gratitude... skipped a day or two, or posted on TSM and didn't post here. That is the best part (for all of you) you can post to us once or every day... each time you post, you are entered to win!!
{day 15... finding treasure in the everyday.}

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

gratitide day 9...

I decided this was the day to express my gratitude for old friends and great memories...
I use to work at a marine lab.
I got to be a dolphin trainer.
And I miss it regularly.

I love my life, but how could I NOT miss these "friends" I left behind.
Another, not quite as wet friend, Traci Kendall-she started the lab when I did, but she has been there since I left 12 years ago! WOW!

Anyway, that is what my gratitude if about today... old friends.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Story Matters November!

The Story Matters November is available today...
And it was just as fun to create with as any other... maybe more so for me.
I got four layouts done one right after another.
These papers inspire me.
I like kits, because when you have a kit, you can challenge yourself to use at least:______ of it before the next one comes. Hence, you create each month.
I need that.

So without boring you any longer-here are my creations for November!
I forget to grab this border punch more... I think you are suppose to weave ribbon though it... :)
There's that 25 cent punch again! :)
THIS was a fun layout to make! I cut, and masked and misted (2 colors)... and used an older picture. Check out my GLASSES! Dang cool, I say!
To explain the title... we are vet tech's (RVT's) but that didn't work with the title I wanted, so I played with it-used the "cute" title, and corrected myself as part of the fun. :)
I love using punches... they are such a cool little tool!
This one, the picture isn't the best picture of the layout, since you really can't see the sewing between or on each layer. But it too was fun to create. LOVE my sewing machine still! "Sew" easy to take to crops. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)
My handsome dude... my oldest. He really IS the thinker. :)
Oh, and my beautiful husband is featured in this layout for this weeks challenge over at TSM!
"Friends and Family". Doesn't really get any easier a subject, does it?
I sewed a lot on this one too... I was experimenting with scrapping down the middle, instead of using my trustworthy design triangle. It's OK.
Thanks for looking! We are trying to get the website updated, but it will SAY November very soon! You can still check out and it will be Novembers kit you are purchasing, I promise!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

gratitude - day 4

{a place to call home.}

In December it will be two years... there are messes that are still "moving in" messes in my house. Two years?!?!? Nu-uh!
I am grateful for the blessing it is to have a home. And we got to be the first to live/love here.
We are the first to make memories in this house.
I love this house. I would love a housekeeper too... but ya can't have everything.

Seriously-jump in (30 days of gratitude.) And by doing so, you can be entered to win! Go here!

gratitide... day 3

I almost forgot to post it here! I have been posting to TSM's blog.
But hey. Not a bad idea to share here too...{unexpected joy on regular days. like rainbows.}

MAN I love rainbows! My good friend says I am luck that way-seeing rainbows (and having a camera in hand to prove it! :) )
You never know now many more we will get to see, so I want to make sure I appreciate each on.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Imaginisce Design Team Try-outs!!

You do NOT want to miss a chance to join the Imaginisce Team!!
I can say it is the BEST team EVER!
My "boss" is FANTASTIC and FUNNY!
So give it a try!

Gratitiude Day 2...

OK, so it is a bit predictible... but how can I not be grateful for my children-their health and happiness! Especially as we fight for the happiness of this little girl we flew to Ukraine 5 years ago to bring home to our crazy little family. Attachment disorder... it is a hard fight. But it isn't winning. It tried. We're winning. Thank God.

This picture brings me joy. So much joy.
Despite my self image, my insecurities about my parenting, and my perceived shortcomings...
For the joy I experience in spite of it all, I am VERY grateful.

Whether you join in one day, or 30 days-tell me/us what you are grateful for in November, and there is a prizes to be won @ The Story Matters!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Imaginisce November Sketch!

Imaginisce Sketch Time!
The talented Melinda Spinks created this fabulous sketch for November!It was REALLY easy to use-one I KNOW I will be using in the future!

I have Christmas on my mind.
On facebook, a friend said "no haters, but we are getting our Christmas decorations out today!"
And honestly, I kinda envy her enthusiasm.
So in the spirit of skipping Thanksgiving as a decorating holiday...
here's my Christmas Cottage layout! :)
(OK, so I did a winter layout.)

There was an edge left around the journaling sticker I had already used on the sheet. I cut out the remaining frame, and placed it on white cardstock, to make this jouranling box...
I need about 10 more packages of these babies! (Acrylic snowflakes!)
Hope you got a chance to see everyone's creations! They're great, aren't they??
Now go create something and be entered to win BIG! GO! :)

OH, and go check out The Story Matters... we are going to be doing a 30 Days of Gratitude!
There will be a prize possibility there too!

Day 1 (30 Days of Gratitude):

I am grateful for personal relationship... yep, I am grateful for God.
A God I know... Who has gotten me through more trials than I could ever count...
So my picture for today:
Don't worry-tomorrow's gratitude will probably be Q-tips... they aren't ALL deep! :)