Saturday, March 21, 2009

A True Friend

I love My Friend Alicia...

She loves me too, despite my flaws.
And BOY do I have flaws!
Like forgetting things!!
This is not a new flaw.

I want to say, Happy Birthday to my dear friend....

I missed her last week. I usually go to Hearts at Home with her.
I miss her this weekend. She is in Galina (?) with college friends.

ANYWAY, as this layout says: (did this last fall-while in my "Glitz" phase!)
True Friend
My friend in faith
We pray together
I value her strength.

And I do... I value all she does for me!

Be Blessed, my dear friend! :)


Alicia said...

Thank you! That is so special! Thanks for thinking of me.
Love you!

meganklauerphotography said...