Monday, March 16, 2009

A Great Weekend! :)

I got to CROP!
I didn't have to check anyone's stuff in, or cut cricut letters... I got to crop and shop!
Don't get me wrong-I love to work crops-but I think I needed the break.

Candi (with pretty Piper) came to Scrapaganza on Friday night to the crop-and to give everyone a make and take layout... Kim, Candi and I stayed up chattin' until after 2am (or was it 3am?)!!
Then the next morning (yes, morning!) we left for Des Moines to go to the crop at Archivers together. Candi was already meeting some family/friends, and invited myself and Kim too...
(Isn't Piper a doll!! Looks EXACTLY like Candi!)
It was VERY fun, it went SO fast, and after going to breakfast after the crop ended at 11pm, we again chatted and got to bed at about 3am!!
And then my air mattress had a hole...

I slept this AM (in my own bed-thank God!) until after 10am-I must be too old to stay up that late anymore! LOL!
Oh yeah, and on the way home, we stopped at Memory Bound too...
I was good-I spent more than I wanted to but less than my cap. :)

Thanks Candi for havin' us up!!

(Can you BELIEVE I forgot my camera-must had something to do with my dumping my HUGE box of alpha's in the front lawn on the way to the car! Picture courtesy of Candi's camera! Thanks girlie!))

Here are the layouts I created at the crop! (Minus one that is already at the store!)

I think this one is my favorite of the bunch...
These wings are Melissa Frances-and are at Scrapaganza!
I LOVE these Thickers!! I HAVE to have every color of these!! LOVE them!!
The pictures on this one are not as dark as they appear in the photo (above)... but I love this simple layout also. :)

This one, I just LOVE the colors! These last three are Prima paper... and then I added glitter paper from Doodlebug... it is so bright and cheerful!
And again, these THICKERS!! LOVE them!
(Below also my Pink Sketches Layout! Go check them out!)
This one I struggle with... I am not 100% happy with it, but for now I guess we'll call it done! :)
Overall, (again, I had one more layout that I don't have a picture of yet) I am happy with getting these layouts done!!
I really like crops!
I was able to get what I wanted done with the two bags (one rolling, one shoulder) and the bin of alpha's I brought... I bought more Thickers, but really I had a good mix of things that I grabbed. I use to think I would never bring enough to scrap with, so crops weren't for me-but I think it's OK... I didn't plan every move out, just threw in things that went together (I was mostly working with bright colors and then the pink and blue) and I worked well with my bag of tricks! I even had things for Kim to use too! :) Boy, she packed light! (Too light my friend! LOL!)

Crops-I highly recommend them!! Cuz they are as much fun hanging out with friends as the cropping I got done!


meganklauerphotography said...

So much fun and great layouts! Headin to crop at scrapaganza this Friday night with my fam and a bunch of friends. Really looking forward to it! Thanks for all the great inspiration again!

Colleen said...

You know you are always welcome to come to my crop. 2nd Friday of the month except in April and June this year. Figured we could be in trouble for scrapbooking during Good Friday service.

ckmom78 said...

too fun, love the layouts, i'll be at Scrapaganza this friday too, nervous, b/c i don't know how to pack to crop-we'll see, i guess i could always chat & shop:0)

Sophia said...

Oh my! Seems like you had a real rollin good time!!! I'm definitely loving those layouts and the wings!!!

And I can't get enough of Thickers too!!!

Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!


Balk said...

How was Memory Bound? I shop there whenever I'm back in Ankeny!

Alicia said...

Piper is adorable!