Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Story Matters!!!

Is "relaunching" TOMORROW!

Add yourself as a follower, and you are entered for a prize/RAK!

We are switching up how we do our challenges... so I hope you stop by!Plus the UBER talented Megan Klauer is now on the Design Team!

{applauding} :)

ALso, I have had, thankfully, some bookings for photography... so anyone that "cements" their request by April 15th, will get a FREE 8x10 in their order!!

And $25% off any specialty item, like a canvas wrap! YAY!
(See below for samples.)

OH... and while we are talking about "followers" my current followers, and anyone that adds me by April 15th will get some of my FABULOUS product given to me by Scrapbook Trends!!
They were VERY generous recently and sent me a HUGE box of stuff! I do NOT need it all! And I will try to get a picture on here SOON of all the goodies you could get!

ANYWAY, someone else I know and love did this {ahem-Kim}, so hey-it's genius-bribe you wonderful lurkers into being official "followers" !

Good luck,
and BE BLESSED! :)


Anonymous said...

okay.. you got me.. I am always lurking but never officially "Following" but here i am.. your number 1 fan.. now following you...lol

curious to see if you were one of the 13 over at GCD?

Penny Smith said...

No, I am not one of the 13... they made the calls today and I had no call! :)

Maybe I'll be one of the others listed? Who knows. :)

Colleen said...

Okay, I thought that I had already signed up to be a follower, but discovered that I wasn't sorry. I am now officially one of your followers

ckmom78 said...

off to the story matters site, congrats Megan!!

Sophia said...

LOL! Well, I'm actually alerted each time you make a post via google alerts...but heck! I'll be your official follower!! THough I always do pop by =)

Angela said...

WOOHOO Megan!!! Can't wait to see your stuff at the story matters!

Angela said...

Hey Penny, I didn't get the GCD call either, maybe we could commiserate over a pepsi sometime!