Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And again-COOL!

The layout that was picked for the catwalk on SIS-well I did that layout for Kitty Foster's
challenge "Press On". And my layout won a prize! Lucky Kitty has Aaron Keyes as her pastor,
worship leader, and I won his CD! :)
Check out all the wonderful layouts that won! Double cool!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hey! Cool!

I love Scrap In Style TV... it is just easy for me to use, and so much easier than so many of the message boards that are pretty cookie cutter... I can find ideas and people easily on their site.

Well, each week, the "Fashionista's" form Scrap in Style pick their favorite layout downloaded to the site each week... they come out on Tuesdays. ANYWAY, one of the fashionista's picked one of my layouts! How cool do I feel! Hee, hee! Well anyway, it was a fun find!
Here is the address to that page-keep in mind, next Tuesday, there will be all new picks. :)

(It's the Psalm 62:2 layout below shown in my slide shows below)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to School

OK, so I am a little behind... but better late than never!!
Here are some highlights of Gavin and Gabriel's first day of school!
Cora starts tomorrow with the AEA's program at Neil Armstrong.
The boys are at Heritage Christian School in Park View.
We LOVE Heritage!

And some more...

...just couple! I am having fun lately with all the new papers and products! It is so fun working at a scrapbooking store! I get to see the latest product, and show it to so many of our regulars!

As far as the weekend goes, I worked all weekend, but Jerry and I got to see his sister Jill while she was here visiting for her Birthday. He also got to go on his parents boat on Sunday while I worked. :(
Today Jerry went to work most of the day, so it really didn't feel like a holiday at all! I got some great photos today that I want to scrap NOW!! (Gavin reading and Jerry reading to Cora, and Gabe being grumpy :) )>
We'll see! I have so many projects due, I might just get to use them! :)