Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Gavin!

8?? He's 8???
No way. Not possible.
I left California just over 10 years now.
Not possible.
Grandma came over-he got a new bike. :)
Didn't see that coming.
He looks so BIG now!!
Grandma is also buying a new seat and handle grips for the hand-me-down Gabriel will be getting from Gavin.
Poor dude-hasn't gotten a new bike yet.
So much for no guns...
I justify these cuz they are laser guns... yeah right.
I gave up the idea of no guns awhile ago.
Frog in the boiling water...
Every hear that story?? It is often referred to when Christians allow certain things in their lives.
If you put a frog in water, and slowly heat the water up, he will stay there and adapt until it kills him-slowly, without his really knowing.
Try to throw the same frog in a pot of boiling water, he's "hot" to jump out. Ouch.
There are things we tolerate, cuz "everyone else does it". Or it has become the norm. Slowly . Over time. I will babble about that later. :)

We had cake-WHITE cake.
(I prefer chocolate, myself and Gabriel, Gavin and Grandma prefer white... Jerry stays out of it. He's scared. :) )
Cake is always a big discussion in our family!
We like every excuse to HAVE cake, but there is always discussion about what kind... who has the rights to choose each time.
There should be a chart.
The funny part is, no matter who chooses, those that like the opposite-we suck it up and eat it anyway. (Takin' one for the team, don't ya know!)
Seriously. Cake is serious business!
What is YOUR favorite kind of cake??
If I could have Red Velvet as good as the Red Velvet Sprinkles cupcakes, I would screw it ALL up and get that. :) Candi-do you have a Sprinkles yet in Des Moines?
Is you do-we're moving! :)

ANYWAY-Happy Birthday Buddy!
We talk about their births on their birthday. We share our wonder and joy at their birth. They LOVE that so much!! Doesn't matter how you gave birth (or adopted)-there is always that moment, where you realize your not alone anymore... or that your not 3 (and on).
It's good stuff! And they love hearing how happy we were to have them...

OK, Gabriel's class lead chapel today... they did a little play. He was the bear. :)
I have to say, we don't have a video camera. That last one my Dad bought me, it doesn't work anymore and we haven't bought a new one.
I think I want the new Flip MinoHD.
Not only is the video quality better than it has been, it is also VERY easy, and I'll admit it-I want the cool skin for it! :)

Though I just read a review on the Kodak Zi6... {sigh}. What to do. :)

But really-will my children be damaged irreversibly because they can't watch themselves on video from their childhood?
Well, there are some video's... but there I was standing there this morning with all the parents with their camcorders (and most had still camera's too) and I was thinking-hmmmm.... maybe it's time to replace our video camera.
But I don't want something too hard to run.
That is why I was thinking a Flip (or similar.)
Anyone that knows me knows I have hors of research ahead...
That's just how I roll. :)

SO in the meantime, here are my totally insufficient still pictures. :)
Here ya go Amy!
Thanks for visiting!
Be Blessed!


Anonymous said...

You'd love a camcorder if you had one. Video stores "sound" that pictures can't capture. Laughter, the sound of your children's voices. Save up for one, you can even get videos now with 4.0 meg cameras attached which comes in handy. Still a good investment, if you can get it. I know I loved watching my parents super 8's as a kid. I don't video my kid's ordinary days with comments and activities as much as I should. Need to do that more.:) Time is running out.

fish said...

I know so many people who have moved to Iowa from California! (I did!)

Sophia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Gavin!!!!

Hmmmm, on the part of no guns... I guess it's the same on my part... I'm delaying exposing my boy, Daren, to all those fighting shows i.e. Power Rangers, etc etc. I know it sounds weird or maybe even familiar to you, but I rather he enjoy a more innocent childhood and while I still can decide which children cable channels he gets to watch.

But alas! I know that they time will come where he will get more knowledgeable of what are the latest toys/tv shows via his peers in school...but all I can do is to really continually remind him of the Lord and commit him to the Lord's hands, trusting the Lord even in the hours that he's not with me/away from home and in school, the Holy Spirit within will teach him and guide him in all things.

We as parents can only guide and nurture them in the paths that they should go, the rest is really the Lord's part in protecting them against all the things of the world... haha. I'm sure we'll have long conversations on these issues =)

Hey! Is Iowa anywhere near California??? I'll likely be visiting San Francisco with my husband on his work trip sometime in August! I would love love to meet you up! I know I'll likely be meeting Sarah from Pink Sketches!