Tuesday, November 3, 2009


What a great weekend!

The kids just had a fantastic time! There was candy involved. LOTS of candy. They were thrilled!
These pictures were not edited AT ALL! The light at dusk or close to can be SO yummy!
I love my 50mm lens. It does magical things with this light!Prince Caspian, a Princess and Sir Peter (Narnia).
It was fun to trick or treat in our own neighborhood. We use to live on a main road. No trick or treating. We would always trick or treat in friends neighborhoods. This was nice.
But I'm getting ahead of myself! Above were the costumes for October 31st... and book character day at school... but the night BEFORE, when we went with Alicia and family to Eldridge to trick or treat... They didn't want to wear their costumes for this year... they dug in their costume/dress up bins (the boys anyway) and we ended up with a pj wearing ghost with flames (hmmm) and a ninja.

It was VERY windy!
In honor of the weekend, I played with some software silly effects! Kinda funny!
Kelly and Beth went to see Wicked. Twice. So let's think Wizard of Oz, not the "scary" witch stuff. :)
I hope you had a safe holiday, full of fun and free of evil! :)


Mindy said...

Looks like they had fun! Great photos. I tried to play with those scary effects last week but grew tired of it and gave up. Your photos turned out great -- I still need to get one of those 50mm lens, my sis is letting me use one of hers so I can see if I want to buy one for sure. I've only been talking about it for a year. Your kids looked great!

ckmom78 said...

great shots!! Glad everyone seems well & healthy!