Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little bit of catch-up!

Don't want to forget the important things!! :)

Cora had her "seasonal" program. (Don't EVEN get me started about that one.)
Sure to avoid any holiday conflict if it is at the beginning of November.

Jerry had the camera, and did a good job...
That's her on the bottom left... recognize those PJ's Kim? :)
They're owls! :)

My weekend away was wonderful!
You can't go to one of these conferences and not be "filled up"!
The music always lifts me up!
Chonda Pierce was HILARIOUS!
The speakers all had such INCREDIBLE stories to share of trial and hardship, and the love and provisions of God!
And these ladies are the BEST! :)
It was the 1st grades reward day for the food drive (they got to wear hats and have McDonald's happy meals at lunch!) the same day that Gavin's class preformed at Chapel.
Gavin, though wearing this sign after the play, is no longer so "unarmed". He has informed me that he has asked Jesus to forgive him and save him and to live in his heart... "last year"! Huh?? He said he prayed for that in his bed one night. I asked him why he didn't tell me.
Leave it to Gavin:
"Cuz you didn't ask."
Duh mom.

I am blessed as much as they are by their school.

Hug a teacher today. Cuz they deserve it!

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Alicia said...

I still want my picture with Ms. California for Annie's book. Email it to me please:)