Monday, October 26, 2009

I LOVE my I-Top!!!


I got the I-Top this last week!!
I will say, I was willing to be critical, if need be.
I can be honest even though...
OK, so yes, I applied to their Design Team.
But I SWEAR! I LOVE it!!

I went to a crop this last weekend... a fundraiser.
It was a great crop. LOTS of food. LOTS of junk food.
Maybe that isn't so good.
But there is SOMETHING about crops.
It is a time warp. Seriously.
I sat down, and about 10 minutes later (12 hours), it was time to go!

AND I didn't take any pictures!
But I got 4 layouts done. Pretty lame for 12 hours, huh?
Not to say I didn't wander about a lot...
Raffles, a garage sale, vendors... there was a lot to do!!! :)

Back to the I-Top.
It is easy. REALLY easy!
The reason I even bought it?
It makes big brads. Not that I won't ever make the smallest brad (I did today), but I tend towards bigger embellishments. Or at least bigger brads. Most of time. ANYWAY, again. It was SO simple!!
I see grabbing for this in the future MANY times!!
Yes, this is College Press. No, I didn't apply to their DT.

I did this one recently.
Though I like this... it makes me wish I would just go ahead and learn to sew! It could use some sewing. :)

And are the layouts for my Christmas Layouts Class at Scrapaganza!
Giving "simple" a try! And I used a Cricut! Geez!

Using American Crafts-YUMMY! And lots of I-Top action! OK, so admittedly, I caught on to CENTERING the images in the brad after the first couple of brads for the "Joy" layout!
Learning curse is really only about paying attention. {sigh}
The punches for the I-Top=MUST have!!
LOVE the whole system.
The large head for the large brads is a separate buy.
Again, there are punches too. MUST have!
AND, ingenious Imagininsce made brad making die cut shape brad paper tablets (does that make any sense?), so all you have to do is pop them out and make a brad! HELLO! :)

Anyway-hats off Imaginisce! Great job with this tool!!!!
If I were you, I would just get the bundle and be done!! :)

Happy brad making!


Ashleigh Dillin said...

oh la la!!!!!

ckmom78 said...

very cool!! :)

Michele said...


gorgeous layouts! wish I could have been cropping!

Candi Ladwig said...

I have thought about getting it, but you are the first to say something good about it :)

I love the first layout! and what is the paper from the first of your christmas layouts?

very cute.... now you are going to be the brad queen!!

Kim said...

is the i-top in at scrapganza? that is what i get for being gone over the weekend.

Mindy said...

Love your first layout -- those little squares are cool. The christmas ones are great too. Looks like a cool tool. Looks like you had fun at the crop. I think 4 layouts is good for 12 hours but I am slow espeically when there's people to talk to and food to eat.

ObsessedScrapperAnn said...

I bought it like 2 1/2 weeks ago and have yet to use it. Like all new gadgets... I had to have it and then I got "scaared of it". And had buyers remorse like "why do I need to make my own brads anyway?"

I have the templates, the medium punch and the medium brads. I told myself to learn those first and THEN get the rest. I am SLOWLY learning moderation!

Your words are encouraging Penny. Maybe I will get it out and play with it this week! No sick kids, hurray!

Alisa said...

You are too funny. It looked really easy though. It might just have to go into my tool box. We need to convince Beth to order it.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

So cool! I want it, I want it, I want it! Your projects are fantastic! I just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my projects over at Imaginisce! I really appreciate it!!

cindyn said...

I saw you using this at the crop in the quad citis and decided I had to have it. Just waiting for it to get here. Really nice layouts!