Sunday, January 11, 2009

Junk Store/Girls day!

Went to the junk store with Megan, Alisa and Anne!
For those of you that DON'T know where it is-I can't tell ya, or I would have to shot you (accept you Mindy! :) )
We had a fun day! "Noodles" for lunch, then 5 hours of scouring the booths!!
It is SUCH eye candy, and scrapbook possibilities, and FUNNY, some of the things!
And memories. Cuz let's face it... I am old enough that the toys and books of my childhood are there. {sigh}
These guys (Smurfs) always remind me of my childhood, and my brother. :)

For less then $40, I got 5 hours of fun, and some treasures to take home!

The deer, made from clay from the Black Hills! I was thrilled it wasn't "made in China". :)
The fan-I know, I know. Only us crazy girls buy a non-working fan cuz it is cool looking!
I cook in cast-iron. I couldn't resist this "personal" sized pan for $3! Wagner to boot! Only the best!
The basket-my scrap space.
Bingo cards, milk caps and vintage buttons: scrapbooking!

There are some AWESOME buttons in this jar! And $6!!

Thanks Jenni, for the idea! :)

Cards for scrapbooking, the spinner for display. :)

MAN if I was rich! They had a HUGE vintage Coke sign (not one of those fake ones-but a real ad piece) Hey, I have the wall space for that. (Maybe-LOL!)
And there were a couple awesome dressers. I am drawn to art deco pieces. I love the curved lines.
OK, isn't THIS cool! No one bought it-too pricey, but very fun!

Anyway, we were looking for some things for someplace else while we were there... can't tell ya really... but you know who you are (hee, hee!), so here is your slide show. Put your cursor over the picture for notes. :) (sorry for some blur... low light, and my unwillingness to use my flash! :))

It was a fun day!
Anne and I went BACK to Noodles for dinner too!
It is cheap and GREAT food!!
Good food, good friends, and vintage junk! An almost perfect day! :)

Oh, and this... this was the scene I found of my guys this am, being lazy and lovin' each other. :)

And this!
My littlest guy LOVIN' his computer time! :)
(excuse the BVD's! )

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Mindy said...

Okay now I am REALLY jealous and very curious -- you must tell me WHERE this super cool place is! I love what you picked. You must have a BIG thing for mirrors, huh? Also Aaron and I have talked about eating at the Noodles before but never have -- we'll have to go now that you think it's so good you ate their twice in one day! Too funny!