Friday, January 9, 2009

Food we love!

A healthier New Year.
That is the goal.
Hard NOT to be healthy when you are eating all veggies, whole grains, fruits...
OK, OK, and some Back to Nature cookies... I'll admit it. :)
Oh how I love organic bread and peanut butter!
Earth Balance (which is on special now at Greatest Grains) is a no stir natural peanut butter
that is sweetened with agave syrup, and tastes JUST like the unhealthy refined sugar stuff!
YUM! :)

That is the thing... I have told people this for years - whatever it is, you can replace it with organic or natural, and it will taste the same, but probably better...
I know there are a lot of icky natural peanut butters, but there is always an option. Demand said "Make a peanut butter that is sweet like the "bad" stuff, without the "bad" things." Done.

I have got to get some more lettuce! I have been craving my usual salad with organic croutons! I will eat salad all day with croutons... and yes, there are organic croutons - they even sell them at Wal-mart!
If you look, there are a LOT of organic things at Wal-mart.

Yes, they usually cost more.
I don't want to hear "I can't afford it".
What I have found is a) I don't waste as much food when I buy organic. I buywhat I NEED, not just a bunch because it is cheap, and b) I plan when I buy this way. My grocery bills are the same, because I plan: meals, snacks...
And you will save THOUSANDS in health care bills over time. Period.
Organic is better...

AND don't trust the mass companies that just got on the organic band wagon for profit!
I buy Back to Nature or Annie's Organic mac -n- cheese, instead of Kraft, cuz I trust the companies that organic is, and has been, their thing-not just a market to cash in on.

OK, your looking at this picture and thinking, "your still going to be fat eating cookies."
This is our stash. I know the kids will want things during the week, AND I found some new ones this week that I bought at Greatest Grains, so we have extra cookies this week. :)
Let me tell you. Those Fudge Mint-JUST like girl scout cookies, but SO much better, AND better for you! (Don't let us fool you-that box is EMPTY!) No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Hydrogenated Oils!! Just great taste!!
The crackers, just like Ritz. Bunnies, just like fish... just better! The bunnies are at Wal-mart! Gabriel eats them EVERY day for snack.
And let's be honest. Life isn't the same without toaster pastries... Or at least my kids think so! :)

Take a look... just try it. :)

If you ever have questions about organics, shoot me an email... it is the way I was eating and my thyroid issues that kept me fat. :) I can still advocate for it. :)

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Anonymous said...

You know Back to Nature is owned 100% by Kraft, right? They don't put it on the box, but it is true. I like their cookies also, though.