Sunday, January 4, 2009


I worked yesterday... so I didn't post. But I DID take a picture!
This book (which, because of the language,I can't say it is for EVERYONE) was a gift from Kelly...
God is funny how he gives us the push we need! This is no exception. I had no idea when I opened this book, that I would a) Be so hooked, and B) it would be so life changing. I was already teetering on the edge of wanting to do something drastic in my life, regarding health. I have been here before. But what I was doing before was NOT working. (Starving most of the time, believe it to not)

So Kelly gives me this book, and I dive off the diving board. I am already a big advocate of organic foods and healthy choices. But I would hedge and cheat here and there. No more.
My grocery cart was hilarious yesterday. I should have taken a picture of THAT! :)

So I am offically vegetarian, on my way to being vegan (Rome wasn't built in a day.) A little organic milk and egg for now. No cheese. That stuff is toxic!! LOL!
Read the book! (And try to ignore the language at times. It is meant as a blunt wake up call... I get that, but DANG! :) )It might just change YOUR life too!


fish said...

I've read that book! I thought it was pretty good, but a little drastic for me. :) Good LUCK!

Angela said...

Cool...I've been meaning to read the same book, just to see what it's about...Happy 2009!