Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy couple of days!!

Friday, we had the "after Christmas make up Christmas party day". OK, I kinda made that up. We had a snow day on the day of their Christmas party(s), so we had a reschedule! The Kindergartners and the 2nd graders went to "Bounce Town Adventures". I have to say, I liked Pump it Up better for the fact that I could play. :(
But the (actual) kids had a great time!

Friday night, off to go celebrate Sue's birthday!! (Sorry Colleen, this is why I wasn't at the crop!)
It was nice! George was there too!!
Happy Birthday Sue!!

And Saturday-Annie's birthday party!
All the little princesses dancing and playing! Too cute!
Cora got this dress from Grandma Dinah for Christmas for dress-up! It was PERFECT for the Princess Party!! We even had blue shoes to match! :)


Mindy said...

Love the princess party idea -- filing that away for girls' birthday party -- I love birthday party themes -- this one looked cute and fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I need Jerry to copy all your pictures to a CD for me. (soon I hope - :) Thanks for taking pictures and helping out! It was a lovely day. Alicia

Colleen said...

You chose to celebrate someone else's birthday instead of cropping with me on my birthday? Looks like you owe me. LOL You can always come to another crop. Remember the second friday of the month. Plus we decided Friday night to plan an overnight or retreat crop out at our campgrounds for this spring. We will have bunks and showers and a kitchen, plus a place to scrap.