Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am SO not in the mood to be sitting on hold the first moments of 2009!!!
I am still hangin' out trying to get KELLY'S (Project 365) order in, and mine is all screwy, so I have been on the customer service phone line for over an HOUR! I am NOT kidding!!!!!!
(Project 365 kit below, if you don't know what I am complaining about!!)
I am SO frustrated! I got Kelly's order started at 10 after 10 (9mst) and I get to the card info, and it says the cart is empty. Really????
I am still holding... I am still trying to get her kit ordered.
My order has issues too, but at least I have a receipt for the stinkin' kit!!
I admit I am excited about this kit!!
Something easy and fun.
Nothing I have to create from scratch.
Just a fun way to capture a year!
I BETTER keep up with this, considering the torture I have had to endure!
I got up at 9am CST, not thinking that MST was an hour later. Lost an hour there!! LOL!

ANYWAY, Day 1 picture:
This was seriously 2am!! Kelly has her coat on, and I insisited!
Hence the affect. I had to do what I could-we are a bit of a Motley Crew! :)

We had a great time last night!!
Ate too much... (Megan's saying "PENNY'S cooking"???) Played some games...The kids played Wii...And I stole a tradition of my friend Alicia...
At midnight, we sent the kids out with pans and spoons to beat on and march around the cul-de-sac!The kids were happy to go out and make a ton of noise!Definitely doing that one again next year!
Too fun!

We also got out family "Christmas" picture last night! Better late then never!
Thanks Megan!
And that dress Cora is wearing... it was a gift from Grandma Dinah for Christmas for dress up. It is from her sisters bridal/alteration shop (Aunt Brenda!). Cora LOVES it!! She wears it pretty much every day. :)
I got a couple sweet pictures the other day with her wearing it. I'll post these later... trying to not slow up my computer while I do this Project 365 order thing! LOL!

May your new year be filled with health and joy!!

P.S. update... I have been on hold for just short of 2 hours at CK!!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw Megan at the pharmacy right before she came to the party! Woo!

Happy New Year. :)

Kim said...

So...did you get a kit?????? Please share~!