Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to Nature-figuratively.

Did I spell that right?
Someone (not sure WHY you did it anonymously) stated that back to Nature has been owned by Kraft Foods. Since I made the comment about not buying "Kraft" mac-n-cheese, but Back to Nature, that sounds like a conundrum or something. :)

Back to Nature was bought by Kraft back in 2003... I use to buy it in the 90's in CA.
The GOOD news about this, regardless of my opinion of the "big guys" buying all the "little guys" that are making a profit in organic foods, is that Back to Nature is still being produced where is started with Organic Milling, in CA. A "co-manufacturing" agreement.
While I don't necessarily TRUST Kraft, and their ownership, it is better than their products being produced side-by-side with the other junk that Kraft DOES make. Though some varieties may in fact be... I do think there are some restrictions on that.

My #1 reason for buying Back to Nature is the taste of the product as a organic or natural alternative. While I DO have "Ritz-like" Back to Nature crackers, my FIRST choice for "Ritz-like" crackers is another brand, which I do not believe has been bought out by one of the "big guys".

I use to have a chart, put in the local paper 'Radish" (I could burn HOURS reading in their "stories" link on their site!) that showed what organic/natural companies were acquired by large corp. . Kashi, Horizon, Cascadian Farms... all now part of the monsters... And I TRY to avoid Horizon, because they hedge on the care of their cows and the organic standards.

It isn't easy being "green". And sometimes I cave to availability. (Like, I would rather buy the "big guys" organics, than not organic at all.)

I am also part of a co-op of natural and organic foods. THEN I have the option to order brands I can't normally get here, or stock up and save on things I can. If you are interested, let me know. There is availability in our co-op, which orders once a month, and several of us will "share" a case of something! I regularly split cases of ketchup, ground turkey, crackers, cereal, etc. :)

ANYWAY, thank you for your concern annon. I had forgotten that Back to Nature was owned by Kraft! Made me think! :)

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