Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!!

...and Dave too!

This weekend, I worked on Friday night until 1am, worked the next day during Scrapaganza's AWESOME sale! And then there was a party at our house! We are the official "party house" for the Smith family! Well, at least until Pat and Frosty's basement is done... but even then, we'll have to share the duty! It's fun having everyone over! I am happy to be a part of a family that gets together weekly! It's really wonderful! As Sue (grandma-my MIL) and Pat ("Aunt Pat") were dancing in my kitchen with my children, I was thinking-THIS is what it is about! This is what makes family "family"... the ease and love! Nothing makes me happier than when I am with anyone that I love, and we are having a great time "just being together"...

I love a full house!!

OK, these gals are crazy! (But fun!)

Gabriel turned 5 on Sunday! He picked Wise Guys pizza for his birthday meal! I thought he wanted Golden Corral (Sue and I had just taken him there recently) He kept mentioning pizza (they have pizza at GC too)-and the place "where you get the food for me Mama"... well, I hadn't been to Wise Guys buffet. They had always been there with Jerry! So when we went to Golden Corral and he was upset-this wasn't it! We put it together... and off we went to Wise Guys! To my dismay. I don't really like pizza all that much! But fresh off the buffet, it was good! And they had the specialty pizza's as an option that I don't ever get to get when we get pizza together as a family! I could get use to the pizza buffet! And the my true favorite-dessert pizza!!

We started the day with cake!! (Angel Food cake from the evening before!)

Then, after lunch, we went to Grandma Sue's for cake!! Gabriel picked marble with chocolate frosting! Yum!

We love you SO much Gabriel! You'll always be my baby-even though you are getting SO big!!

Yep, SO loved!!

Grandma got then an air hockey table, {which we have since found out is broken and has to be taken back!!} and Shrek "crocs" for Gabriel! Fun!

What a great day-cuz it was over 60 degrees to boot!

Last Friday was "History night" at school for the boys! They were very much filled with pride to share what their class had done! The older kids, they each did a board-they all did a great job!!

Mr. Serious was sick this day-but still wanted to go to History night... :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gabriel!
Family is good! It's fun being the party house. One of my favorite quotes from Emerson is
"The ornament of a house is the friends and family who frequent it". What is a HOME is it's not shared. Looks like you had a great day! I'm having a 6 and 8! That's freaking me out a bit. Wait until 13! Alicia