Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Week In Review! (A BUSY week!)

OK, lately Gabriel has been all about Mr. Potato Head and K'Nex... he has always liked them, but lately, it is almost all he wants to do!

A planned visit to go to Happy Joe's for my dad's birthday, Gabriel's birthday and Gavin's birthday made me think it was time for a haircut for Gabriel! I admit it! I love my boys with a bit longer hair. Can't imagine why. ;D

My Dad said "this is after a haircut?" Yep!

The boys birthday party was on Saturday, March 8th! I decided that I would rather go "all out" for two of their friends, than do the minimal for their whole class... so we took their "best friends" from school (convenient that their best friends are brothers!) to Build-a-Bear Workshop, and then to Chuckie Cheese... Here are the highlights!

And for Gavin's "actual" birthday (on the 10th) Cake and a present! OK, so I broke my own rule... I got him Star Wars (which he asked for). The new rating system made it PG-13!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Scary! Oh well... exceptions are OK sometimes, right? He was thrilled! And so was my husband, who got to hang out with Gavin and watch his favorite movie (from his childhood) with his son!

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!!


Candi Ladwig said...

pg13??? i love it!! did they get to stay up 'til 8, too? :)

Megan said...

Gabe's bangs look MUCH better! I shaved Jackson's head tonight off went 5 inches! :0 oh well it's just hair.
Happy B-day to both of ya!

Heather Collins said...

I know what you mean about the "adiction". We just had a 2nd birthday to celebrate yesterday and mine is in love with Barney. We had/have Barney, cake movies

Kim said...

where are the oprah pictures??????