Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little bit of catching up...

OK, I look at the pictures I download from my camera-and if I am going to make this blog a record of our happenings, I better catch up!!

{Scroll down to see the layouts for my March class at Scrapaganza!!}

This morning, it snowed again. I'm holding fast. I still love it. It is stunning!

I was playing with my zoom lens, and while standing in the back door, I caught this picture of a little friend-no cropping... and he was probabably 60-70 feet away. He had breakfast, it seems!

Even the ordinary can be beautiful in the snow.

The eclipse!
Now remember, I am a rookie with my camera-but I think I did O.K.
I DID crop some, (so there wasn't so much black around the moon!!)
but at least I tried to captured the event! :)
It was stinkin' cold that night!!
I literally set a timer for every 15 minutes, and ran out to get a shot of it's progression!
The fully covered picture, without a tripod-NO WAY!
It was a great golden hue! Memorable!

I LOVE playing with my camera and lenses!

And Mr. Gabriel!
Mr. Cutie pie!
My baby!
Mr. Icicle!
Gavin loves them too.... even caught Jerry playin' and knocking them down!!
Again, playing with my camera...
lovin' the depth of field shots...
I'm learning!

Mr. Bashful (yeah, right!)

And some pictures from the other night when we were at Alicia's for a Mom 4 Moms "outside activity". We all brought wedding pictures, and shared stories! Try to find a women that doesn't want to talk about her wedding! :)
There were some funny stories for sure!!

OK, so Alicia's going to kill me! LOL! But this is one of the things I love about Alicia-joy oozes from her most of the time! And comes out in an explosion of expressiveness!!
Do you know anyone more expressive??
Love ya lady! ;)


bitty said...

Fantastic! The night was fun. And the one of Elisa, wow, it looks pro not candid. And wow, the moon. You blow me a way. Great job.

Anonymous said...


Candi Ladwig said...

Do we live on the same planet?? I knew nothing of the eclipse! Next time something cool like that is happening tell me :)