Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Witnessing miracles...

By chance, I was involved with this wonderful event! As the photographer.

The Nelson's, (what a wonderful blessing to know Sarah... (who is in my Mom's group)) adopted a 4 year old boy from Korea-who they names Micah.
What a wonderful blessing to see them bring home their third child through
adoption! (they have 6 total!)
Crazy they might be {wink} but wonderful blessed they all our to
be together...
Here is Sarah's blog:

The relief was palatable. She picked him up, and brought him right in, and he paused too... it was a great moment!

They he leaned back to check her out. He had seen pictures of his new mom, but not in 3D before! :)
I had to salvage this one-I was walking backwards, and it blurred a bit, but I loved the look they gave each other!
Handsome little dude, huh?
I couldn't help but think, as I watched them walk away-just like a birth, this moment changed their lives forever!

His, theirs... Sarah was still in shock, and the kids were taking it in too...
It was just somethin' to watch them walk away to their new lives!

All my blessings to you all!!

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Sarah said...

Penny - I can't stop looking at the pictures you took of our amazing day. You are such a gifted photographer and I'm thrilled that you shared our day with us - thanks again girlfriend!