Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cake extentions... (Happy Birthday Jerry!)

Enough with the March birthday's already!!! :) Just teasin'!

OK, so I asked the kids to draw pictures for their Daddy for his birthday...
So Gavin is asking me questions as he draws... How old is Daddy...How to you spell "out"...
I couldn't help but wonder what he was up to!

Well, this is what he was up to!!

He drew a cake, and started applying the candles... only to find that 38 candles were
not going to fit his cake... so he extended it! When he showed this to me, I about
fell over! SO funny! I told him I was SO proud of his awesome idea!!!

Gabriel's picture of our family.

Yes, you should probably know {sigh} we're aliens. :)

Cora's "picture" turned into a lesson on writing her name... she wanted to show Daddy how good she did! :)

Happy Birthday honey! We all love you SO much!
But I love ya the most! ;D

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