Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm GOIN' to the OPRAH show!!!!

I'm GOIN' on OPRAH!!!!

OK, so when I found out Candi was going to be on again, I was on the phone with her and said, "were are you going to get these tickets?" She's like, "go look"... so I see a link "It says-calling all Simon Cowell fans"... "What's this?" "That's it! Fill it in! They'll call you if they pick you"...

I thought-OK, what are the chances that someone I know gets called, and then I do??

Well, this morning, the kids were climbing on me, and the phone rings "Hurry, get off! It might be the Oprah Show!" :)

I look at the caller ID-Harpo!!!! 312 area code!! THAT IS WHAT CANDI SAID!!

OK, so this is when "crazy" happens! Poor phone lady!! My phone has a long pause sometimes, cuz we have Vonage... so when it does kick in, she hears... "HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!!!!!"

So I am going on March 17th!!!!


So what are the chances?? Candi and I going a week apart??

Life's funny!!


Ashleigh Dillin said...

You bum! I am so jealous of both of you! I tried for the show too but must have been too late. You two are so lucky have a great time and think of me hehe!

wilsonscatchup said...

Terrific! Have fun. What will the topic be?

Sarah said...

No way!!!! I can't wait to watch you!!!!

Mr Loud said...

You should rephrase your post, Pen, you are going TO Oprah, not ON Oprah ;-)

heather collins said...

You are so lucky. Have a great time!