Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow and no camera...

OK, so I am sitting at my desk {Jerry's desk} looking out the window-cuz I am pretty lucky and have a good view of the out-of-doors- and right now, at almost 5pm on Thursday, it is one of those REALLY pretty snows. The kind with really big flakes that sometimes the flakes, they get lost on their way down and are kinda floating around, resisting their journey to the ground. Flakes so big they look like a group that got together on the way down... Really pretty.

And. I have no camera to take a picture. Cuz the H9 I mentioned below. It ISN'T awesome in low light after all, and I took it back. But the only way they wouldn't charge me a restocking fee is if I got another camera... Well, I decided to get an SLR. Best Buy on the other hand decided not to carry any more than 4 SLR's. Great. So I got the Nikon D40... cuz it wasn't much more than the H9. I had a sneaking feeling though, that this was not what I was going to want. So I did some research (AGAIN), and come to find out the D40 is limited to the kind of lenses I can get, cuz of the lack of a lens drive on this model. SO I took it, box unopened. {wink} and got a refund.

SO I go everywhere online looking for the BEST deal. (Thanks Dad... I am now the cheapest girl I know. :) ) I decide on the Canon Rebel XTi... but I am NOT paying Best Buys price. (I tried to get them to give me a discount-but they rather see me walk out then give me the 15% off... buh bye. Online I go.)

ANYWAY, I found the best price though a seller on Amazon. Then I find that same seller on Ebay. THEN I find someone with one in Davenport (via ebay) that is selling theirs with 3 lenses for like a STEAL, and so there it is. As soon as the refund from Best Buy clears, I am getting my XTi... I will be using an SLR.

I just hope I am smart enough to figure it out! :)

AND I have a S85 coming to replace my Sony, cuz I love it, cuz it's small, and cuz it was $46 on ebay too...

Gotta love ebay.

Meantime-no picture of the beautiful snow coming down right now. {sigh}

I have to admit. This year we have had some of the prettiest snows. Thanks God!

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