Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catchin' up!!

OK-to catch up... and keep it in order (I still hope to do a "Blurb" book someday!)
Please scroll down to the beginning of the last post! Then it'll be "in order"!

I promise to keep up!!

New Years Eve!!
Unlike Christmas, we had a low key New Years Eve with our friend Anne coming over for dinner!It was fun! I baked a cake, that then got stuck in the pans (I SWEAR I used oil!!) But determined to have dessert on New Year's Eve, we "salvaged" the cake. ("I can't spread the frosting on this cake! It is falling apart!!" I said. "Put the frosting in the microwave" Anne replied. OHHHHH, I thought!
We saw a scrapbooking page...
"Friends don't let friends bake drunk!" OK, so I wasn't drunk, but the cake made it look like I must have been! LOL!

We finally got a picture in front of the tree as a family this year! For some reason, we missed it last year! The big shocker for me, is that we never went to go see Santa and get a picture with him!!! WOW! Major Mom ball dropping there! This is the first year I did take them!! Yikes!

I had to include a few snow pictures! I will try to have more single pictures-but I can't help but share LOTS of photos, especially for those who visit that don't get to see the kids very much!
But this particular snow day-it was SO beautiful! It snowed for HOURS! I had to get a few shots in!

Christmas is always a blast! Wehave our traditions. The kids can't go out into the family room until they come get us. I get eh camera, and head in so I am ready for their entry. USUALLY their Santa gift is out of the packaging and on the hearth. But this year Santa wrapped his presents. They get one present from Santa, and two from us (three total-if it's good enough for Jesus...) and their stockings, of course! They get so much from the Grandparents too, they are hardly deprived! They sit in their places (each has their own spot) and we distribute presents (Gavin helps, seeing as he is the oldest-though Gabriel has helped now too) and we take turns-everyone opens one, but at the same time. The kids anyway. I am too busy taking pictures! After a wonderful morning playing with all the new stiff (there is the stuff from Grandma Sue from the night before too!) We head off to Grandpa Don's and Grandma Dinah's for more family fun! As usual, we are horribly blessed! We always get too much, and have a wonderful time!

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