Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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Christmas Eve!
We had a blast! Jerry's parents come over, with about 16 relatives! There was a lot of food, a lot of wine, and a lot of fun! Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jerry came over before everyone else to unwrap presents. After everyone got there and ate, we played games! This family is SERIOUS about their games! I laughed SO hard! The last of the family left after midnight, and we still had to get ready for Christmas morning! I love this tradition we have started! This is the second year that all of Jerry's family has come for Christmas Eve, and I look forward to it next year!!

The last days of school before Christmas,
there were parties in each room. Bad Mommy forgot the camera on Gavin's party day (I was in charge of the game and craft, and got flustered! LOL!)
But Gabriel's party was fun too... They made Reindeer out of bananas and pretzels and chocolate chips (Thanks Angie!) and played Christmas bingo (they yelled out "Jesus" instead of "Bingo"" It was very fun!) Cora got to join Gabriel's class, since I was helping with this party too, and she doesn't have preschool until the afternoon! Fun for all!

Gavin gets the WOW award for Trustworthiness!
We are so proud! With so many boys in his class, it has been a challenge to keep everyone "in line" let's say! It is very tempting. He got the reward because he can be trusted to behave when he goes to other classes-and behaves as Mrs. Ellinger asks of him when she is not with their class (which isn't as easy as it sounds-it would be more fun to wrestle! LOL! ) He was so proud! It was so sweet to see! He takes the WOW award very seriously, and couldn't wait to see if he had won! :) (I couldn't resist the newpaper slide!)

Heritage Christan School Christmas Program:
Gavin was so dang cute this year too!
We are so proud of him! He did a wonderful job!
We just love our little school!
The music teacher did a fantastic job with the kids!
Afterwards we got pictures by the tree on stage (second year of our tradition)
There is that love hate thing with the camera again! Ugh!
Then Alicia's mom (here from California) couldn't help herself, and helped with serving the punch afterwards! Thank you! It was a festive night-many blessings!!

Scrapaganza's Christmas party!
We had a great time. Food, laughter, an ornament exchange (more laughter)...

Had to add this last ice picture... the sun coming though the ice on the trees was stunning!

More ice, more beauty!!

The first ice storm... so beautiful!

I don't care what everyone says-if it is cold, there might as well be snow! I love snow! I get all excited when it starts to snow! I love being "snowed in"! (I am also grateful to have a wonderful neighbor that is willing to help dig us out with is little plow!) I love how excited the kids get when it snows! Here are pictures of Gavin that I took during our first significant snow!

Gabriel (3 day a week preschool) was a crow in the their class chapel performance!
How cute are they!! They did a great job! Mrs. Schadel is SO wonderful!! I included that blurred picture-I am sure that is what it must feel like some days-a blur! Thank you Mrs. Schadel!!! We love you!

Now keep in mind, I for the all of December, was borrowing my friend Alicia's camera (Thanks Alicia!!) and even thought I am UBER grateful to her for her kindness (VERY) I have a love/hate relationship with her camera! Love, because I had a camera that are darn computer would read the USB, hate, because that thing HATES low light, and it is hard not to get a indoor or lower light picture without blur. I was SO spoiled with my SOny S85, that took GREAT pictures in low light!
ANYWAY, the quality of my picture taking doesn't reemurge until I get my new Sony H9! (In Janurary!)

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