Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A NEW Camera!

I plan on getting a SLR... someday. For now, I got myself the Sony H9. Huge zoom, it does an awesome job in low light situations, and I just love it! It is an upgrade from my Sonny S85 (which I very much miss! I am still thinking about picking one up for a back-up off of ebay)
ANYWAY, here are some shoots I have taken since I got my new camera! YAY!
(And with this, I am ALMOST caught up!!)

Is this some zoom, or WHAT! SOOOO cool! (A visitor to one of our trees)

My little Missy... (Miss Scarlet, Miss Cora... whichever-they all work!)

My big man!! He is growing sooooo fast!
Something about this picture makes my heart happy... I love my kids!

(Not bad for a SLR-like camera!)