Sunday, September 28, 2008

A week in a busy life..

I do not think we have stopped packing and moving for over a week straight.
When I went with Jerry to drop up the last U-Haul load to the storage unit, I about passed out... looking at all of our things in boxes and random piles (OK, not so random-Jerry is an AWESOME packer, but MAN some of the stacks of boxes and bins are HIGH!!) and realizing that is most of our worldly possessions are in that one place.
I wish I could say there was less than there was. There is a LOT.
The crazy thing is that we got rid of SO much! Trailers full of garbage and Goodwill... it is insane! I tried to put my hands on EVERYTHING! And EVERYTHING we left on the curb for people to take, it ALL went! Toys, cribs, a dresser, an old couch, three chairs-no make that 4! Crazy! But I am glad that people were blessed by our free garage "sale"!

We should be DONE in acouple days here. I have my scrapbook stuff to sort through, and then we should REALLY be done! Stuff is at the in-laws already... the kids are excited... it's time.
I might not have internet tomorrow! Weird.

Someone asked me if I was sad. Nah. It somehow never felt like ours... Like a rental feels.
Maybe in part because I moved so much here without sorting it out.
Maybe because so much had to be changed to our taste when we moved in and so much still needed done...
...maybe I just knew things would change.
It was/is the people IN the house that matter.
But we did move here when Gabriel wasn't even 2... when Cora was home just 4 months... so much has happened.
But we are looking forward to the blessings of the new house. Scary. But exciting!

OK, so for some pictures!
Gavin FINALLY lost his snaggle tooth! :)
MAN did that thing hold on! And he got a new cast! Just two more weeks!!
And there was Grandparents Day at Heritage!
Grandpa Don, Grandma Dinah and Grandma Sue came!
I dragged Sue back out of the car for a picture, and then her picture was really blurry! Sorry Sue!
I MISS my Canon!! ANYWAY, I think the boys were SO proud to have their Grandparents there!

They took the forms off of the basement walls...And then graded around the house! It kinda looks normal now! Well, it's getting there. It is was weird before, the ground being so much higher than where the walk out door was!
Now we can just walk right in!
View from my from stoop (incomplete and all!)
View from my hopefully-someday-soon deck. :) OK, that will be awhile-but I scaled the wall to get the perspective anyway!I'll end with a couple layouts...
For Scrapaganza's blog challenge-I kept it simple. Challenged MYSELF to use dimensional stickers (these are Reminisce).
And for Pink Sketches. I did this one using the new Prima cardboard embellishments. Fun!
Better get to Scrapaganza quick for these! They are sold like a little mini-book kit with a sheet of die cuts and two huge flowers some pages and a 12x12 sheet of corrugated cardboard, oh and some great string and ribbon and lace too!
It is a picture of myself with my brother WAY back when. The title says it all-More Time. I wish I had more time... I lost him when I was 16... he was 8 years older. I miss having a brother.

That's it!

Come by The Story Matters and play too!!

I will be off-line for a couple day I think, so in the meantime:
Be Blessed!!


Colleen said...

Sounds like the house is really progressing. How exciting to be able to set up the house the way you want it.

TheresaK said...

HMMMMMM....Love the idea of a "free" garage sale!!!!!

Angela said...

Love your more time layout...what a special picture! I'm all about the corrugated cardboard lately too!

sarah said...

great job with the latest sketch, penny! and i totally understand the hassles of sorting and looking through boxes. it seems endless!