Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!

My best friend is old(er than me)! :)

And I love her!

And I can't believe I have know her since I was 9-10 years old!!!!

And I wish her a WONDERFUL year of happiness and prosperity!!

We took her to The Spa At Five Star Salon (last Weds.-her sister and mom stole her today for a trip to Chicago for the weekend.)

WONDERFUL!!!!!Just a little bit of luxury 'til we can get to the tropics!!

Love ya girlie!!
In other news...
We are moving this weekend. Ugh. ALL day today!
We are tired.
The big stuff went today. The loose ends will be wrapped up this week.
In a week, I will be living in a basement... but I am loved, I am blessed, and I choose joy!! :)

They set the footings... hopefully the basement walls will go up Monday.
I will try to "fix" this picture later... but I just LOVE it! Blurry and all!!
I got the bill for getting my Canon fixed. Less than a year old, and it needs $230 worth of repair. Are you KIDDING me??? They keep this up and I am moving to Nixon!
So these pictures have been my 4mp Sony! Great little camera, but I miss my shutter speed!!

OK, we blog to remember.
I have to add these two.
I know some people are FREAKED out by snakes, but these are garters, for goodness sakes.
They are youngin's... and they are inseparable. They were in front of the house while we were moving... sticking their little heads out to watch... and coming out to see what was up. One moved, the other followed. I have seen mom(I think)... she is BIG for a garter. THey eat spiders... and other bugs... I like that. Anyway, they were funny! We ended the day with a huge TOAD on the front stoop.OK, well, my exhausted husband just fell asleep on the carpeted-no furniture floor. (Snoring to boot!) He worked REALLY hard today!Time to go set up the areo bed and get some shut-eye!

Be blessed!


Mindy said...

Congrats on the footings! Cute photo of your kid on the top of the hill! I hate moving but it will be great for you in the end! Too funny about your hubby on the floor -- were you at the spa while he did the moving? Too funny! Think of all the scrappin you'll get done while living at your in-laws plus lots of "new material" to scrap too!

Tina said...

aww I didnt know it was her bday...looks like you girls had a good time. yeah next camera u should go w/ a Nikon, there the best ;) I think..the house is moving right along...just remember this too shall pass....pass right on to a new have a good wk

Anonymous said...

Ok, if Canon keeps it up, don't go to a "NIXON". What country is that brand from? (just giving you a hard time - hope you get your camera back soon:) Love ya. A.