Monday, September 22, 2008


We have walls... well, basement walls anyway!
It's progressing.
I have to let it go that the builder thought we would be framing this week. It will be mid-next week now. Sigh. Not my time. God's time. Patience. :)But it is fun to watch! (that big tall cement crane thingy is COOL!) And the empty house next door is not empty anymore! A family with 4 kids and one on the way were moving in today! And their oldest is 7! YAY! And the next 5! YAY! So far, this neighborhood seems to be a match! Neighbors always make me a bit nervous though. I haven't really had any for like 8 years. The ones we have, there is more space. You can't always pick your neighbors. I saw the new neighbors have a quad. Those scare me. It is for sale... thank Goodness. :) I am thinking more in along the lines of a golf cart for us! :)ANYWAY, it is funny... the neighbors, I think they all will be great! The next house down, I went to high school with her. The next neighbors, the wife is very "horsey"... cool! And they have kids the same age or close too... and then of course there are the Brady's... there down the road and around the curve, but I KNOW they will be over! Can't wait!! :)

OK, I hope you guys don't get too sick of house posts... It will be over... in aobut 3 months! Then there will be the decorating picutres! LOL! OK, I'll try to keep it to the scraproom (that's a lie.)

ALSO-I haven't posted about Gavin's broken arm. It is a sad thing for a mom. He is dealing SO well. He is such a gracious boy. I love him so. But it hurts when your baby is hurt!Cute little snaggle tooth kid! He lost one of his front teeth, and the other front tooth is hanging on for dear life! I bet it is out in the next two days... it has taken about 2 months since it was first crooked!!

And come on over to Pink Sketches! Great sketch! Great site!! FULL of inspiration!


Shannon said...

Yippee! The vision is coming to reality. Hang in there. Infact, now you have a wall to hang on to.

sarah said...

i'm totally not sick of the house blogs! it's fun to watch the progress. looks like things are moving along nicely! yay!