Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My music is back...

...cuz I missed it.

I know, I know... it is annoying to some.

But then sometimes, when I visit someone else s blog with music I like, I leave that window open.

I missed my music.

Yes, I like secular music too...
I "grew up" in the 80's!
I married a "hair band" bass player for goodness sakes!

But now I listen to 95% Christian music.

And that is OK. Contemporary Christian is much "cooler" now...
Well, at least I think so. :)

And nothing gets to me like my children singing these songs that I love.

Hey, Chris Sligh was on American Idol!! :)
(JUST ordered his CD thank you very much!!)

Be Blessed-and enjoy!!


Colleen said...

I don't know about contemporary Christian being much cooler? I miss the old Petra (coloring song, annie's song), Sandi Patti, Michael W.Smith, Kathy Trocolli etc. The new is okay also, just miss the music of my youth.

Anonymous said...

I married the guitar player of a hair band. He used to play w/ a bass player named Jerry. Jerry was the "minister" at our wedding!!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I'm trying to call my husband right now to tell him! *LOL* I emailed you about the party thing, too, but now we have to talk!

Anonymous said...

Ted told me that at one time, Jerry kept a blog. He said that he kept up with it for a long time; but when his computer crashed, he lost the address. He was very excited to learn that you were Jerry's wife. *LOL* He would like to know if you will send me the URL for Jerry's blog, if he still keeps it, so I can send it to him. =) and check your email!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris sly Wasn't he in the top ten on American Idol? The big guy with curly hair? I think that's neat that Idols are singing Christian music!

Penny Smith said...

yes! That's him!!

Mandesa is in Christian music now...
I guess I didn't know Chris was going to the Christian music scene, but I have his album on the way-I'll report back if it is good!! :)