Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wonderful few days...

Wednesday we met Grandma Sue for a "picnic"... if you call lawn chairs, Pringles, Lunch-ables and a bag of Chips Ahoy a picnic. I do. :)
Gabriel was obsessed with the idea of having a picnic!! He wasn't going to let it go...
Good boy. With a good idea!

It was SO nice outside! We found a spot in the shade at Rocket Park, and even saw cousin Linda. Why didn't I get a picture of her?? Too busy "catching up"!Just having a conversation together... warms my heart, their love for each other. :)Grandma Sue enjoying the day-before the bugs started buggin' her!
(and trying to hide from my camera... no luck lady!!)Oh My Goodness!Thursday night we went my Dads! (Thanks Kim!)

We had a great time! It is always an event for my children to be with Grandpa Don and Grandma Dinah! They have so much anticipation for it!

Walks to the neighbors pond, the swings, the other neighbors miniature horses, shrimp, "Kraft Dinner" (though not this time!) "hunting" for frogs, hummingbirds (LOTS of hummingbirds!) and just spending time with them! FUN! And this time there was a bonus of stopping by the local bar and hunting (video game style). They got so excited, they were shooting at EVERYTHING... the ewes & cows (see picture), the hunting dog, the old man on the porch... it was pretty funny. Apalling, but funny. :)Grandma Dinah showing them the minnows... I got the stinkin' picture of the minnows, so I am gonna post it, darn it! :)
You should win a prize if you can see them! LOL!Gavin {attemping to} catch minnows. :)Their interested in minnow hunting... :) The neighbors damaged trees from the recent storm! WOW! These and many more uprooted or snapped in half!!
Grandma doin' "Dog under"...One way to save a slightly blurred picture(above AND below)... I think they were too cute to delete!
The current occupants of the birdhouse. I worked Friday night, so a "regular" day at home, but Saturday, we heading off to the Bix Fest. (Thanks Tracy!)
I'll admit, it is MUCH smaller than I remember. About 2-3 blocks of crafts and food... Huh? I remember SO much more in the past! Why has that deteriorated? We are not big jazz people, or big drinkers, so we go to look at the craft booths, and sample the food... but $5 for a corn dog. Really. Come ON!!! $5 for a lemonade?? REALLY! Oh, but it is only $3 for a refill. THAT'S a deal!
The kids had a great time though... they had "jumpers" (the Y had set up-that was only 6 tickets for $5 (only.... it's all about perception!)) and we made a visit to the sky bridge... which was nice. Le Claire park is still in repair. Sad.
The weather was not horribly hot and humid... shhhhh... don't tell anyone. DOn't spoil it!
I HATE humidity!

$5 corn dogs or not, it was a fun day! Now Jerry is off playing at "Hunters" and everyone but me is asleep... I might join them soon! :)

Yes, we went up there!!And saw THIS view!!And a preview of all these on the way down... Leave it to Gabriel-upside down!!Batter up!Face (and arm) painting. Don't ask. Rare picture of us!! Aren't we stinkin' cute? Playin' in the skybridge...Look who we ran into on the way out... yeah, right kids are hard to photographs... {sigh} :) Looks like I have a lot of scrap inspiration, huh?

Be Blessed!!


Laura said...

Holy Toledo..WOMAN..I didn't know which blog to look have a ton listed under your profile! I hope I'm at the right one! Love all the pics on this post..awesome MOM! Thanks again for being so fabulous!!TTYS!

Ashleigh Dillin said...

Ok, these pictures are so stinken' cute...I just want to scrap them myself hehe!

Apryl said...

I can't believe how big your kids look! Just to reply to your latest on MY blog:
I did induce lactation but didn't post it for the world to know--so there!

And I do have a sling that the stinkin' chubba baby LIVES in for at least 3 hours a day. I think I have a permanant plateau on my hip fat.

LOVE the pictures. Love 'em.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the hint on blurred photos--saved several during a recent "photo shoot"!
Love all the family photos and stories!