Friday, July 4, 2008

Virtual shopping... (And Happy 4th!)

I have not the funds to do any real shopping, but it is always fun to "window shop" via the internet!
In an effort to find this luggage tag I saw on Christine Middlecamp's blog,
I found all these cute finds by Cupcakes & Cartwheels! (no luggage tag, but still...)

"To gnome me is to love me"... seriously adorable!

OK, what fun photo holders!! You can fill some slots with pictures, some with journaling/embellishment!! Cool!
A new fresh modern take on an old classic! LOVE it!
So unnecessary, but so stinkin' cute!!
Interchangeable ribbon watch! And REALLY cute ribbons too!
I have a thing for vintage wire baskets, but these are a fresh find! They have colored tiles in the center!All these were found at Madison Ave. Gifts...

Happy 4th of July!
Last night we went to my in-laws, and then headed down to the sailing club to watch the fireworks!
Beforehand I missed some GREAT shots of my kids playing with the bubble wands Grandma Sue got them! Yes, I had my camera, no I did not remember that my memory card was still in my computer. Duh!

Hope to get some great pic.'s today! Kelly, Anne and Megan (with their kids) are coming over for a cook-out, swimming, and fireworks! (There are fireworks in Park View, so we can see them from our front yard!! :)

It isn't in me to go on with some sappy acknowledgment that I am fortunate to be an American... I am fortune, don't get me wrong... but it is my God, not my country for which I am most grateful. But through the freedoms of my country, I am free to openly worship my God-your God... the God that wants not just us, in the USA, but everyone to take His free gift! The greatest gift there is... even bigger than living in the USA!

I believe in "One nation, under God..." Amen.

Have a SAFE holiday!!

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Mindy said...

I love those photo holders! May have to save up for those. Thanks for sharing your shopping "finds"!