Monday, July 7, 2008

Fantastic 4th Weekend!

In a blink, it's over!
Another great weekend!
Friday: BBQ, swimming, playing, fireworks, smores and friends...(Man I need to scrap this one (above) like NOW! I love this picture!)

Lucky us, we can watch fireworks from our front lawn! We went on Thursday night to see the fireworks in Davenport... that was the no card night-ugh. :)
My kids past their bedtime-SCARY! :)
LOTS of sugar way past their bed time! SCARIER!
Add fire... OK, let's not dwell... Anne was here too, but somehow she escaped my lens!!

Saturday, I worked 9+ hours, and we went home and hung out-Jerry played at the Racer's Edge.. (he played Friday night with Megan's husband, so we were band widows together!)
I took this picture (while driving) of Gabriel playing with an action figure... so was Gavin. I just love to watch their imaginations at work! And obviously Cora is always ready with her smile! :)

And of course more swimming-Gavin let me bug him while swimming, so I could play with my camera and get a couple pictures!
Those EYES!!
Sunday-church, IHOP, and grandma came by later, the boys hit some balls in the yard and jumped on the trampoline with Daddy, and we took a little trip into town for ice cream!Just laid back family time!

And a picture I just liked, from the ride home from ice cream... :)


Mindy said...

That photo of your son swimming is so wonderful! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

Tina said...

I agree that photo is begging to be put on paper :) looks like u had a good 4th