Friday, July 4, 2008


I am SO excited! Terri Ventura, THE jewelry artist! I SO want like 10 of her things! AWESOME! Well, she said she wanted to give me a gift... so I thought maybe she would sent me something that she had... Oh no! Not Terri! She made something special for me AND Cora!!

"Everything but the Kitchen Sink"! I LOVE THEM! How fun! What a conversation piece! (Like I need ways to make conversation-still...)

THANK you Terri!! I can NOT wait until they get here!! I will be standing at the door each day at mail time!!
Read the post here.


SmilynStef said...

How fun are those! ... what a treat.

polinka said...

this is beautiful!! :)

dime store daze said...

Hi Penny,
Your deserve it... I can't wait till you see them in person.

Candi Ladwig said...

Terri if you are reading this... Penny is stealing Cora's ruler!! :) hehehe I am trying to talk her out of it... but she isn't listening!! These are so dang cute I LOVE them!! {although I think I would be craving the junk store the whole time I was wearing it!!}

dime store daze said...

I have sent you another surprize go look at my blog
And stop stealing cora's stuff I'll send you your own ruler next time...