Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Challenge(s) and other fun stuff...

Back to School!
I really can't BELIEVE it is that time again!
I went TODAY to register the boys for school!

Scrapaganza's blog challenge is Back To School... but it doesn't just have to be your kids! It can be YOU, it can be I DON'T want to go back... limited ONLY by your imagination!

I used masking and Glimmer Mist on my layout... not new, masking numbers and things, but it is FUN!
I plan to create a class at Scrapganza using Glimmer Mist on three one page layouts! YAY!
I have had a ton of requests for me to do a layout class again, so this is what I was feelin' like doin'! :)
Hopefully I will have it available for September!

Go check out the FABULOUS layouts (speaking of Glimmer Mist Ms. Klauer!) for The Story Matters! The subject-10 of my favorite things... OK, so that leaves it PRETTY wide open! YAY!
The layouts are awesome, so go take a look-and don't forget to comment on their work! I didn't get my layout QUITE finished on time, but it will HOPEFULLY make an appearance by tomorrow night! :)

Some goings on...
The Dollar Tree... I LOVE the dollar tree! For $6, I can get the kiddos a couple things each, that last probably the day-and any more I am lucky, NOT go broke, and they are thrilled!
Gabriel found this archaeological egg you dig the dinosaur out of... though we broke down EVER piece of dirt (chalk!) and NO other little arm! Darn it! But he had fun-even though it was a MESS!

And Gavin found ZatchBall-which I have no idea what the stink it is... him and his Daddy start talking some language about points and powers... {sigh} but he LOVES these cards. YAY!
Mom is NOT impressed with his favorite card (in picture) but I guess I have to let him be a boy who thinks this weird stuff is fun.
Cora usually gets something she breaks in 10 minutes, or that didn't work to begin with... alas, no pictures of her ribbon wand, as it wouldn't even stay on to begin with-and this one was MY idea!
But she got dress up shoes too... and those have held up! ( I swore I took a picture of her dirty little feet in her dress up shoes, darn it!) Until she gets a blister then complains!

We had some passes left over from the Zoo, from when we were members. So one day we were in town and we went for a visit!
The zoo is always a good time!
Anyone see the heart there? :)
These birds never get old for them!Oozing coolness. :) We have to go on the carousel twice so each boy can ride the eagle-both of their favorite! :)
They just love that fan mister! I love the funny pictures I sometimes get with them all dew-ey! :)I thought I got pretty lucky with this shot of the bear... pesky bars. :)
Looks like the Colobus mom has the same issues "I am not a jungle gym! OUCH! That's my TAIL!"
Funny little story... I maybe let the kids get one quarter each of the food. It is always a rip-off, and the goats eat it in 1/2 of a second anyway!
But Gabriel, he gives each ONE grain at a time! No joke! That kid will make his grain LAST! Gavin and Cora are collecting it off of the ground in the meantime, since most of the kids drop their when the goats touch them anyway-who needs to pay a quarter! LOL!
And when you don't pay admission or for the train, why not splurge for the ponies? I mean, just cuz we HAVE a pony that we never go to ride! LOL! Cousin Dorothy uses Jasper as a babysitter, and we pay $4 a child to go to the zoo to ride for 5 minutes. {sigh} :)
The boys rode in the very back of the train (Cora and I one up) backwards for the first time, and that concluded our trip to the zoo...
I made the mistake of taking them to Ben Franklin "just to look"...
the newly displayed candy canes were instantly swords-and so our trip to Ben Franklin was VERY short...
( They look SO innocent, don't they??)
Though they really didn't seem to have that much anyway-some cute home decor, but SO much more $$ than Hobby Lobby! Geez!

OK, well that's about it!
Be Blessed!
And pray for more of this WONDERFULLY not so humid weather! YAY!

OK, better go work on Candi's pictures before she starts to torture me! :)

AND my State Fair entry!! :)


meganklauer said...

Awesome layout Penny and love all the fun pics!

Mindy said...

Love the layout and the dollar store too! I will be signing up for your class!