Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sick of this picture yet?? :)

I could NOT find the layout I did previously of Gavin at the fair, which I was going to enter for "fair theme" at the Iowa State Fair... so I whipped this together.
Same picture (from a layout I did a couple day ago), different layout!

More American Crafts love! (Despite the fact I didn't make the DT. :( ) Congrats to all that did!

And I got some JilliBean Soup journaling sprouts too!

AND, to prove JUST how technologically challenged I truly am, my version of a sketch! LOL!
I can draw it MUCH easier than I could ever figure out how to do it digitally!
How pathetic am I??

Also for the fair, I whipped this together... (For the "other" papercrafts class)
The flowers are from Sweet Vintage 78 on Etsy...
The idea "sprouted" (couldn't help myself) from a frame I saw Ginger Williams do. She did these fantastic flowers (flowers she handmade out of paper) and framed them, all using Cosmo Cricket Early bird... I used a little early bird, and some of the swimming line... and the flowers were fabric and vintage sewing pattern!
Yes... I KNOW I could make them myself... but I don't have vintage patterns at the moment (though on my list of things to find) or much fabric... sometimes it is just nice to buy something pretty from another artist...
The chipboard button, Sweet Vintage also.
Can I just say... I LOVE my butterfly punches STILL? :)

I entered 4 layouts and one frame at the fair... we'll see. They might want all Jolee's and matted pictures. We all know that isn't me. (Disclaimer: Not saying there is anything wrong with Jolee's OR matting your pictures.)
Wish me luck!

Here are a few pictures of my alone time with Gabriel last week! We went to the farmers markets in Davenport.
Where Gabriel ate his way through the market. :)

I do NOT want to dwell on how many grams of sugar are in the above treats! :)

The climber below is in front of the freight house. It has been so long since we have been there, that I didn't know this was there!

And they have this weird slide that doesn't really work and the kids tend to fall off of. Hmmmm...

And for Alicia... since she just posted a comment about including Dad...

This one (below) was taken the other day when we decided to take the dogs for a walk.
I put the camera on the back of the car in the driveway and ran...
And yes, that is a dog in a front carrier (Baby Bjorn style) :)

Love each other...
And Be Blessed!!!


sausan said...

Cool page! Love the sketch and how it turned out! Perfect with the pic! And love the photos! Hope all is fine!!

Alisa said...

I love the flowers and I have vintage sewing patterns if you make me some flowers :)

Alicia said...

Way to go my friend! Gabriel cracks me up with his eating.:) Is he like Jack, a total sweeet tooth.? Your fair entries are great! I love that swing picture too. Wish I had one. Unique. The flower frame turned out lovely! You can give it to me when you get it back:) (I'm not joking:) What action did you use on your family picture. I like that.

Mindy said...

What great entries! I love the sketch and I'm going to use it to make a lo. Love the flower frame too might be copying that too -- would be cute gift! I love Gabriel eating photos. I've never made it to a farmer's market yet -- that playground stuff looks cool Which day is that farmer's market on? The QC has so many -- I really want to go.

Candi Ladwig said...

okay, since you leave "smarty pants" comments on my blog, it is my turn...

cheater, cheater punkin eater!! :) you bought the flowers??? you could have made those! !:)

second, i love that you said you decided to take the dogs for a walk and two of them are being carried, hehehe.

good luck at the fair, i'm up late tonight scrapping something up!! why do we wait until the last minute???

SmilynStef said...

I always enjoy seeing the creations of another Iowan ... fabulous designs.

ckmom78 said...

great lo Penny, finally picked up the butterfly punch today with my 40 off coupon, & that vintage art frame-stunning job!!