Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

OK, so it is the 5th. WAIT, it is 12:15am-so it is the 6th!

Did you have a nice weekend? We did! Saturday was looking pretty drab, but RIGHT when the EZ-Ups went up and the grill was lit, the rain stopped, and the party began! TOO much fun!
The fireworks in our town were rescheduled until tonight, but WOW did the neighbors spend some $ for fireworks! It was quite the show!!
We love the neighborhood, and especially taking over our cul-de-sac!

We really had a great time!
(Just playin' :) )
Why can't I go scoot to check on the kids?? :)
Lots of great food!
We finally came in at around midnight? We even had a fire in one of those "portable" fire pits!

Fireworks today were not all that great. Town must have run out of money. LOL!
But we had another great meal, and enjoyed the unseasonable weather!
Check out Megan multi-tasking. :)
So my scrapbooking challenge-Christmas in July. It is SO hard to scrap Christmas in the middle of the summer!
But I tried it. I think I did OK... to back the joy in red, I didn't want to cut out a bunch of little pieces of paper, so I got out my smallest circle punch... saved bunches of time I think!
Have a great week!


Candi Ladwig said...

Looks like you had fun even with the rain!! You even squeezed in scrapping?!?! ;)

meganklauer said...

Looks like a great party! So glad the rain quit just in time!
Great christmas page too!

Penny Smith said...

Notice Megan a certian "off-centered-ness". Copied that from an awesome designer I know. :)

ckmom78 said...

looks like some good times!! Love the layout-great design!