Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's up Doc...

Sick... sick enough to head to a Dr.. (OK, my CNM anyway.)
My ears are SO clogged, and I want to make sure that I don't have an infection... so off I go... I have heard about SO many adults getting ear infections lately! I don't want to mess with that.

But since Cora isn't off until 3pm, gotta keep me busy somehow!!

I have been in bed for two days... time to be productive-BLOG! :)

Friday the kids and I, served at Grand Haven retirement home. For the past 2 months we had been collecting pledges for the "Serv-a-thon", the Heritage School fundraiser. We sent out letters to friends and family asking them to support us in this event.
The school raised over $35,000!! But the best part? The kids were REALLY involved!
They understood that they were being supported to serve... even my kindergartner! That is valuable! They knew they were representing Jesus by serving others. They were to be an example... though 3 hours at a retirement home was a bit long for my 6 year old... overall it was VERY rewarding!
Gotta love the the serv-a-thon t-shirts with the "Extreme Makeover" theme... they even had "hardhats"
Gavin got QUITE the goose-egg on his forehead right before we went to serve-point blank rock thrown! Poor little dude!
The boys doing a puzzle with Marvin! Marvin surveyed the school when it was built (it was first a church, then bought to be Heritage.)
Gavin havin' fun playin' Connect 4!
Singing hymns with the residents.
Dorothy White. You may recognize Dorothy. She plays piano at Von Maur. She just moved to the retirement community that week. They moved her grand piano with her. She lived on her own until now... she is 95. And delightful! It was wonderful to hear her play (again). Many times I have stopped with the kids to watch her play at Von Maur! She still goes to Rotary Club (?) every Friday. :)
Other groups made crafts and cards for the military, collected donations for Ronald McDonald House, cleaned at Salvation Army, picked up trash at Scott County Park... it was a wonderful day to serve!

And after they served, there was a carnival for the families! It was wonderful!
Is there anything better than icey's...
And frineds...
and games...
and pies in the face?? :)
I am proud to be a part of this school! It is academically strong, and BIG on heart too!
Their hearts are being nurtured at this school...
They know it isn't just about them there... and that is wonderful!

Saturday was a fun filled day! First I worked while Wendy Vecchi was teaching her first class of the day...
THEN I got to take one of her wonderful classes!! YAY!
It was REALLY fun doing something just for fun... no deadlines, just creating!
It was fun to be in a class with Kelly too...
And Nancy, and Robin, and Tracey, and Linda, and Theresa... EVERYONE!
Just LOOK at Kelly getting down with her crafty self!
And look at what we created!
Thanks Wendy! :)
For the record... this is what my dorky friends do with my camera unsupervised. :)

Megan and Kim, you crack me up!!

THIS is what you get when you do that-ya end up on my blog!

OK, I created some layouts... (sorry... took awhile to get to this, my scrappy friends!)
About when we FIRST say Miss Cora Anne...
I SEWED! HAND sewn to boot! :) I like the texture...
I used the Bazzill template. This square is on the circles template, the outside edge. (In stock at Scrapaganza!)The pull out journaling...
I just love these little Hero Arts alpha stamps ("about" & "love")!
LOVE the font and the size!This layout, also an adoption layout (catchin' up?) :) was a challenge to myself.
I am Ranger Certified, but I have not always reached for my Ranger products first when creating a layout. I love bright colors, and even when I use vintage looking product, I usually have/add a fresh color aspect to it... so for this layout, I used a Amy Butler Butterfly die cut emptied (Don't throw out ANYTHING, right Wendy? :) ) and used Perfect Pearls through the opening. Then I dusted on the pearls on the masked medium in Berry Twist I think it was.... repeated several times.
You can still see the type through the butterfly form, but with the other pinks, I think it works.
LOVE the iridescence of this Pearls color!
It was VERY satisfying using Pearls on this layout!

The Hero Arts alphas were obviously still on my desk! :) And the Butterfly punch!
And this layout... what a HOOT! :)
I love it's simplicity!
It was just fun to do! My floofy little dog! :)
I LOVE these Prima Butterflies! And I have been HOARDING this box of "blingy" flowers for some time!
And, as you know, I LOVE Thickers... this set only had 2 "t's". Well, I decided to hack up a bracket, and use it with a "1", and then add a rhinestone to disguise the junction. I actually like the "T' better than the others... it was perfect. Sometimes things just work. :)
That's a Reminisce circle sticker, from the sheet of Disney colors, but I thought they were "multi purpose" enough to have in my stash! :)

OH, I almost forgot an important point! I used Megan Klauer's "easter" layout as a "sketch"! I liked her layout so much, I had to do something with it! :)

ANYWAY, that is what I have been up to! Oh, and two page layout for Club, which was whisked to the store before pictures! :) A TWO page layout to boot... whew-hardly time to be sick! :0

Be Blessed!


meganklauer said...

Holy cow! What a weekend you had and you're totally creative even when your sick! Great pages! Lovin that Kim & Megan hijacked your camera! Too funny!

ckmom78 said...

okay, rockin' pages!!! & i'm regretting that i didn' sign up for Wendy's class~ yep you can say it, told you so ;)

Alicia said...

That is so neat that you met the piano lady from Von Maur. She is always dressed so lovely too. She is such a neat and talented woman. I always tell my kids that music is something you can enjoy your whole life. I hope they find an instrument. Hope you feel better soon.

Sophia said...

It's always awesome to see out little ones being involved in bringing Jesus to the community and helping out!

I enjoyed looking at your creative works!!! Way to go gal!! Thanks for sharing the use of Perfect Pearls!!!

Gigi said...

ooh the hand stitching! & the perfect pearls! SO gorgeous!!!! i just got some of those actually...i'll have to give it a try! thanks for the fabulous idea penny!!

hope you have a great thursday!