Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Easter was wonderful... but I'll admit it... I am was NOT mother of the year when it came to Easter.
I worked the day before-so the kids didn't go to any Easter Egg hunts out in the world.
I am sure Candi and Alicia went to 6. :)

I didn't plan ahead for their Easter treats.
I went to the dollar store after I got off of work on Saturday.
They had a basket waiting for them at their spots at the table on Sunday morning!

And to boot, I am still trying to get over this horrid cold-my ears still very plugged.
{I'll blame it on recovery:} I (we) overslept until 10AM on Sunday!!!! We had to LEAVE at 10:30am to get our seats at church.
Geez! It was a mad house that 1/2 hour!! LOL!

But we walked in after checking the kids in (I ran in with Cora with my bag and bible to hold my seats!) with 3 seconds left before the songs started! That is my favorite part... the music.
At Harvest, the music is mostly contemporary... there are some hymns mixed in.

It was a great service... though since it is a time when people come JUST for Easter, there was a call for people, if they felt lead, to come forward. About 7 people did our service. Which is always wonderful...

They played some AWESOME videos during service... one saying what we believe at our church... very hip and well done, and the other was later, about salvation... but it had graffiti artists creating this awesome, changing, mural while the pastor (?) was speaking! I always love it and it moves me, when hip young dudes are followers! Does that make any sense? Young people, just like any other in appearance, believers. :)

OK, I found it! (It wasn't easy!)

Gospel Graffiti - Billy Graham Video from clickpopmedia on Vimeo.
If you watch it just to watch the art unfold, it's VERY cool!

Then we went to Grandpa Don's and Grandma Dinah's for an Easter egg hunt!
No snow this year! :)
The kids had a great time, as always!

I took a lot of pictures, (as always)!

We have been having some computer issues... a video card went bad... let's see if I can upload!
I had the AV down too low for some of these pictures, and with our computer issues, I am not editing... but this picture SO needs to be scrapped! :) And these...
And this handsome dude... before I know it, he will be too old to egg hunt. {sigh} :)
And I got a couple good group shots... hard to believe!
And the host and hostess of this fabulous Easter Festival? :)
Grandpa Don and Grandma Dinah! Thank you! We had so much fun!!
Oh, and I bet I was the only ones whose kids got Ducky's Lagoon beer tokens (or ANY beer tokens!) in their eggs!
Grandpa redeemed our tokens for cash. Too funny!
And a couple of shots of the family that shared the day...
Possible Miss Iowa in the future (above-maybe below too!) Laken (I DID edit this one...)! :)

And Arra... she came by and I had to get a few shots of Miss Cutie!

Arra's Mama. Then Chris, Ashley and Laken... not sure where 'Tana was! :)

There was some dressing up going on again...

Gabriel got in on the act too...
And this is the best we got of us as a family... Megan K., you have your work cut out for you! :)
I hope you all had a great Easter!!
It's not about a bunny... but we'll take his chocolate anyway! :)

I have some pictures from the park to share... but enough for now! :)
Be Blessed!!


Mindy said...

Your kids' group photos turned out so cute -- wait until you see mine! They are im.poss.ible. to say the least!!!!! I got better individual ones! Nice to hear about your day and impressed not only that all 5 of you got ready and to church in 1/2 hour but that you all slept in until 10 am!!!!! We were up at 6:30 for no good reason . . . what's with that!

Sophia said...

Awww..... I love your photography! Love how you capture those moments!

Easter hunt looks really fun! We don't do that much in Singapore though :)

meganklauer said...

Lovin all the cute pics! And I was right there with ya (shoppin at the $ store on Sat); but the kids still loved it all just the same! TFS your fun day with us!