Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring Program AND Mothers Day...

It's getting to the end... another year gone by.
Gabriel will be going into Kindergarten.
Gavin into SECOND grade...
Cora into kindergarten...
Where does the time go!
But then-I am sure my Dad is wondering how his kid got to be {almost} 40!!

The school had a WONDERFUL performance for the Spring Program and fundraiser.
There was a silent auction, dinner, and a show.
Our school may be small, but they do everything big, and well!

Gavin did great... the food was great, and a great time was had by all!!

Here are a few photo's of the highlights! :)

Nice shirt. :)

I can NOT for the life of me think of the name of the group that put on the play and performed the play with our kids! But they were GREAT!

The auctions getting HOT!

Gabriel LOVED the play! Would not take his eyes OFF the happenings!

Aren't they cute?

Speaking of CUTE!

My little lion!

Yes, I'm 12... and my husband knows it.
And my kids love it!
For Mothers day, they went to Built-a-Bear for me... well, at first he thought I wanted to go with, then we didn't have time, then I went to go grocery shopping-thinking, no Mothers Day surprises for ME... (big pouting)

I get home and THIS is what was waiting for me!

This one WELL dressed leopard!

HELLO!!! I want jeweled crocs!! LOL! Crocs is missing the boat here! :)

I love my family! I love my leopard... the kids named her "Nice Heart". I can live with that.

Lots of gripping about the bright glare, etc... WHY is it so hard to get a good group picture? :)

Have a great week! Off to scrapbook! (Yeah right!)

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