Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Give me some SOY!

Scrapbooker of the Year that is! (For Creative Keepsakes Magazine)

Why? Why did I stay up late, and create under pressure??
Why did I overnight my entry today (thus restricting my driving the rest of the week to pay for UPS's gas!)
Why, you ask? :)

Cuz I wanted to give it a try.

NOOOOO... I don't start with a local contest... the fair... Hall of Fame... Making Memories Masters... or even a store or website contest. No. Never have entered a scrapbooking contest. Until now. Why? Cuz why not TRY for the $10,000! And the 2 year contract with CK... and LOTS of free product! :)

Cuz the why IS now a "why not!" and I am entered!

I challenged myself, had fun, got frustrated-but I accomplished something, none-the-less!

Wish me luck! :)


polinka said...

good luck!! you can make it!! :)

Charlene E. said...

Good Luck! I have read over all the things you have to do to enter that. I thought about doing it, until I read all the requirements, LOL! You've done so much up till now, I don't see why you won't get this too!

Candi Ladwig said...

Good Luck! Okay, not too much luck, since I need more luck than you!!! :)

Is it on or around the 27th yet?

JoAnne R said...

Luck you have no need for... You rock girl. What an awesome accomplishment to have your entry on the way to SOY!!