Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The boys end of school year activities!

I am SO behind! {Warning-LONG post!} I can NOT go two weeks without posting again!!! No No!
I am going to have to sit here for awhile to get caught up! I mean, this isn't ALL suppose to be about scrapbooking! :)

Gabriel and Gavin ended their school year last week! Actually, Gabriel's last day was the 16th! Gavin had activities through the next Tuesday! He's getting to be such a big guy! Going into 2nd grade!! And Gabriel, my baby, will be going into Kindergarten!

Cora has three more days left-tomorrow, and next Monday and Tuesday... and next year, we have decided, she will be in Kindergarten at Neil Armstrong. She is working hard, but still needs some help with some behavioral issues. If she becomes integrated to full time regular kindergarten (right now she will be in 50% regular, 50% special ed.) she will then move to Heritage with the boy. Please continue to pray for Cora. She is doing well, and just needs a little extra help.

Gabriel's class, with the Kindergarten class, went to the zoo their last day! YAY!

Gabriel's "best friends" (keep in mind, everyone in his class is his best friend!!)
Brady and Elijah. Hangin' out with the Elephants!

When did they get a 4th giraffe?? :)

Who's watching who?

Gabriel also "graduated" from pre-school to Kindergarten. Too funny! Poor kids, they graduate from pre-school to Kindergarten, and then kindergarten to 1st grade, and then that's it until high school! LOL!
Regardless, it is too cute!
Hey-if the girls can wear flip flops, so can Gabriel! :) He INSISTED on wearing his new flip flops! LOL! OK, how sweet are they??

Mrs. Schadel ROCKS! :) She is SO patient and kind. No matter the personalities of the children, they follow her like little ducks! Not that they are always perfect, but if their performance this night is any indication!!!

Doing his part during pledges...

Just like his Daddy! :) (though Daddy doesn't draw all over his guitar! :) )

Diploma time!

"The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear" enacted.

He kinda looks like that guy there! :)

The whole class!

Off to celebrate at the park! Fly high Gabriel! We love you!!!

We can't forget elementary awards night!!Gavin got a reward for joyfulness...
and his Gold Metal Reading Award.He also got a Presidential Fitness Award for the percentile he performed in... those awards/patches are not here yet.

Congrats buddy! We love you so much Gavin!!!

Heritage Christian School has been an AWESOME school for our children!
We can't wait to start another year!! Now if I can just get the years to slow down a bit-I'll be set!! :)

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Colleen said...

Good luck slowing down those years. I swear it was just last spring that Sarah graduated from preschool and now she is going to high school.