Tuesday, April 15, 2008


By Candi...

Six Random Things:Hmmmm....

#1-I hate brussel sprouts.
#2-My basement is COVERED in toys-and I have left it like that for over a week. Seriously. I don't go down there right now.
#3-Speaking of things I don't do, my husband does 99% of the dished. I hate dishes. It was in our marriage vows, I think. Or at least the verbal agreement. :)
#4-I am teaching at 'Get Inspired' in Des Moines also... poor Candi-me and my great ideas!!
(I'm no midwife, but I was a doula-so I'll do in a pinch!)
#5-My Dad's my Hero... seriously. He, like us all, has his flaws, but he has set an example of love and survival that I will appreciate this whole little life. Thanks Dad, for living a great life!
#6- I eat pancake mix "raw" before I cook the pancakes. Seriously. I love any Bisquick dough.
{repeat after me: white flour is bad... white flour is bad...}

Thanks Candi for the tag. (Ugh) :)

I tag: Megan, Apryl, Mindy, Collen, Charlene and Tina!

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